Fix the ads placement of the Top lists?

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Fix the ads placement of the Top lists?

I just noticed that all the Google adsense ad blocks are appearing in front of the texts which does not allow the readers to read the actual content properly. If the readers is not happy with the content then Google will punish the site in the search ranking by putting it inside the Sandbox. Utilizing the ad space is good but over utilization is bad.

Hello, could you please send me a screenshot at contact at ?

I've had one comment about that, but I've tested this ad placement on windows with ie, chrome and firefox, as well as on macair with chrome, firefox and safari and I can't see any problem with ads covering text. Could you also please tell me which computer and browser you use to take the screenshot?
I have also checked the site with browsershot which allows to see screenshot of one page with multiple os/browser and I can't see that problem either.
The html/css code is very simple, only a div float:right in which I put the adsense code.

Thank you if you can help me resolve this problem for you and the visitors with the same problem.

EDIT: I see a small problem that's true on my mac, it is the second line of text which goes behind the adsense ad. The easy fix would be to put adsense right at the beginning so the first line of text doesn't go above the adsense but wraps on the left, like the second line is supposed to do, but failing on mac. Another more difficult solution is to found out how to make this simple effect work everywhere, will have to google it more since I've haven't been able to even find one page talking about this problem since I don't have the words to describe this little css trick. I'll make sure to fix this problem soon, thank you for mentioning it.

EDIT2: Well, I tried something without much hope but it seems to be working! I even allowed two lines of text to display before starting to wrap the text around the adsense.. So now I see it working fine on my mac, unfortunately maybe it causes problems on the PC, I'll have to check tomorrow since I'm in my bed and doing it from the bedside macair :-) Going to sleep now, bye!

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are the 3 ad banners, 468X60 or whatever, the adsense? if so, doesnt it violate TOS to have above them "visit my friend" and an arrow pointing to them? if not, then i dont see the adsense ads. where are they?

Hello Garko.
First I want to conclude this thread by saying that the issue has been fixed a long time ago, now the ads don't hide part of the text anymore. The problem came from a css trick I did in order to push the ads down the text. Now the ads are not down anymore, they show right next to the text.

As for your question about the "visit my friend" text, they are ONLY above buysellads ads. Those ads are direct sales for this site only, this is the order page:

The adsense ads have no text above them.. Anything I would put above the adsense would be "sponsored links" or "advertisements" like it says in adsense tos.

No adsense is visible on the site for loggued in users (members) so that there is no chance for accidental clicks from regular visitors.. To prevent any invalid click problem due to that.


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wait a minute. you mean i cant send traffic to these sites from non members and get them to click on the adsense? really?

Hi, you understood exactly the opposite of what I said.. So reverse your understanding and you'll have your answer.
Plus, I don't know what is your goal exactly. If you're unsure about using best reviewer, then simply don't use it, simple as that, there are many other sites much better and free. So no need to waste time overthinking things :-)

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yup i understood that after.
ya this site kinda sux. any specific recommendations haha? can email me direct if you care to

Sure.. Wait for it, my email is coming.. haha..

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