Finally switched the template! Now we have SPACE!

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Finally switched the template! Now we have SPACE!

It was long overdue, but now it's done! I did it yesterday, it was not so easy because it wasn't simply changing the template, I had bit and pieces of code everywhere, thanksfully you can't see it, it's a mess.

Well it was a mess, I used that opportunity to clean up stuff on the 2 years old template, so now it's better organized code-wise..

As for the frontend, it looks so professional with the drop down menu at the top, it's like a site of the future if we were still in 2004..

Of course this template doesn't have a mobile version, so perhaps in two years, who knows.. :-)

But thanksfully mobile devices are catching up, so it is still viewable on mobile on this new template. If we're talking about a tablet then there is no problem of course..

But yes, a mobile version would be quite different, like some sites I've seen which are totally different from desktop to mobile version..

In the meantime I think this new template is way better than the old one, if only for one thing, because we now have more space! Before the width was 960px not one more. Now it can still be seen at a 1024x768 resolution, but it also expands for larger resolutions, with a maximum of 1200 something.. On my computer I have full hd 1080, so 1920px width, so anything more than 1280 will show the page background which is green, nice..

I like green, it's the color of money but also it's peaceful and your top reviews look even more professional now, it looks like you know what you're talking about hahaha!

Plus did you notice the slogan of the site now? It's "The Best Reviews on Internet" !!! So why look for reviews anywhere else since they are the best.. Maybe in bookstore or on TV they have better ones, but on Internet the best reviews are all here on this site!

Now I can relax and go back to working on affiliate marketing again..

But don't worry, I have plans to implement things we talked about soon, like Chitika sharing, I have already added the field in your user profile and I'll soon write the code for it.
I plan in fact to produce a PDF for your offline use, a tool to help you compose top lists when you are outside, like at school or at the beach.. And I'll put it in the member menu on the right, but also when I'm done with several things I plan on emailing all the members and tell you all about it. I don't want to send too many emails, so that's why I'm holding back and want to finish producing what I need to tell you, the chitika sharing, the pdf, what else? Let me look I have written it down somewhere on one of the many pieces of paper I have on my desk.. hmm problem, it's not here.. I copied it on my phone probably.. Yes, well there is not many things, chitika sharing, pdf for top writing, cbproads and cbengine and thank you for updating your tops limit 400 words.. OK, so I'll add the template news too..

I thought I had more to say, but no, mainly it was to talk about cbproads and cbengine I guess in order to have new referrals, that's was my plan, I'm ashamed :-)
Especially since I must have planned it since several weeks now.. I have been working everyday for 4 weeks since I came back from China on many things at the same time, many ideas, many pieces of paper, but I guess I need to focus on one big thing at a time, finish it and then do the other one, otherwise I'll burn out quickly, I'm not used to work anymore :-)

OK, anyway, so what do you think about the new template, it's ok? For the frontend at least it's better no? When people come it will look better. About the ads, I know I went overboard.. It was a reaction, I did it at the start of the month when I began working seriously on things, but now when I look at it, there are so many of them, it doesn't look too good at all! And anyway all the ads for my affiliate marketing venture are not working, I tried but it's true that's not the way to go about it.. For affiliate marketing, the goal is not to display your ads to high number of people who are not interested at the moment.. What I've read in many places is a particular way, like doing reviews of the product, building a mailing list and producing a series of emails (auto responders), etc.

Well I tried by myself, so now I can say it is not working that way. If I didn't try I would still have a doubt.. But yes I need to reduce the number of ads on this site, it will be better for those ads that stay anyway.

Oh yes, I remember about another thing I had planned for you, but didn't write down on my phone, I wanted to have one ad spot reserved for members in order to display their adsense on all the site, not only on their own tops. I planned to make it like a monthly subscription (means paying by month) so that you can have your adsense on the site (on top lists, salary pages and even other pages) and it will be a time share system.. Because the last I remember I think I was earning something like $20-30 per day, so that's between $600-900 per month with the adsense. But I didn't have only one ad spot. So perhaps at the current traffic level and with only 1 best located ad spot there is about $500 available per month on this site. So if I do a timeshare at some low price, I don't know maybe $0.5 per day, a nice price like $14.95 you could enter the timeshare, so if you're alone it would be a $500 adsense money return for a $15 adsense investment. If you are 10 members then it would be a $50 adsense money return for a $15 adsense investment, and if the number of members in time share is too high, then you can always end the subscription and wait until there are less members to come back in the system.

I don't know I thought that was a good idea and probably not many members will be interested because nobody likes paying, but those who will be ok to try will then get high return on investment and if they don't talk about it and keep quiet with only a handful of members in the timeshare system I'll earn $75 per month on paypal and each will earn $100 - $15 = $75 so everybody will earn $75 which is nothing to be happy about but still better in our pockets than left on the table :-)

By the way, going back on the topic of this new template, did you notice anything missing compared to before? If so, please tell me because I can't remember, I think I've put back most of the things and cleaned up some of the cluttering, but perhaps as a user of the site as a poster you know it better than and remember stuff.. Of course only tell me about the things you're missing,, if it was something you didn't like then no need for it to come back :-)

And also last thing, in order to put the categories in the dropdown menu at the top, I had to divide them into 3 packs by alphabetical order. The problem is that those dividers show up when writing a top or salary page and also there are clickable in the menu. But I trust that most members are clever enough not to select A-H, I-P or Q-Z as the category for their top, but those who will are likely to be featured in the hall of shame :-)
I'm joking, I should have first place in this hall of shame for not being able to come up with a clean solution to this category problem!

I have been busy the last week or so, I was in the middle of cleaning up my reviews, and I suddenly found this great new look to the site. Yes it's spacious, and it looks clean too. Love it! I think visitors will like it too, well at least I hope so.

I did not login since 1-2 weeks and it is surprising to see the new layout. At the first glance I like it!

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