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Best Reviewer's members often ask questions, they're all interesting and help improve the site but some of them are just too frequently asked, they need to be answered on this page rather than by email, otherwise it's time wasted for everybody. So here they are:

- What are the Basic, Premium and Pro Memberships? Which one do I need?

Those 3 membership levels have strong differences. The best one is the Professional membership, personally that's the one I would choose simply because it is the best value for money on the site. The main point is the ad revenue sharing sitewide on a timeshare basis. It would be a little complicated to explain, but basically you'll earn much more money on the site and if you take the time to create accounts on adsense, chitika, amazon and clickbank then the money you'll earn automatically each month will be much more than the price of the Pro membership.
The premium membership is the best compromise between not paying anything and paying the Pro membership. It doesn't have sitewide timeshare since it is reserved for Pro members, but it has a lot more options than the Basic membership.
The Basic membership is really there just to try the site, or if you're really short on money, or only want to use the site to build backlinks and a little ad revenue sharing on the side. I wouldn't recommend it for long, it is much better to upgrade to the Premium membership in terms of revenue.

- How can I delete or modify my tops?

In order to delete or modify a top it's very easy. Simply click on EDIT at the top of your top, then you can modify it and click SAVE to save your changes. There is a caching system on Best Reviewer, so perhaps the anonymous visitors will not see your changes instantly but the cache will be refreshed in a few hours maximum.
To delete your top, after you have clicked on EDIT then you will see a button next to the SAVE button which reads "Delete". When you click on it, the next page will ask for your confirmation, if you click on the button to confirm then your top will be deleted, this action cannot be undone.

- How can I modify my username? I want to delete my user account and all my tops.

In order to modify your username it's very easy. Simply send me a message with your current username and the new one you want. I'll do it and send you a reply, your referral link will be the same, no need to update anything but your profile page url as well as your rss feed will change since it contains your username in the URL.
If you want to delete your user account and all your tops, it's the same, simply send me a message and I'll do it promptly and send you a reply to confirm deletion of your account and all your content.

- How can I track earnings from Best-Reviewer? How am I going to get paid?

You will be paid directly by AdSense. Since your ads will be displayed 100% of the time on your tops, you'll receive money for each click on those ads. In order to track your ad impressions and earnings, you'll need to watch directly into your account, you have three choices:
- in AdSense admin, click on Performance Reports and click on Sites, then you'll find BEST-REVIEWER.COM
- in AdSense admin, create a new URL CHANNEL and input the url BEST-REVIEWER.COM when asked for an url.
- in AdSense admin, you can see the performance of your ad unit, and each ad units you use for Best Reviewer (own, referrals and sitewide timeshare).

Here is the AdSense page to review and create URL and CUSTOM channels:

If you need help in creating a URL CHANNEL in AdSense, they've made a page to explain the process:
How to create a URL Channel in AdSense
When asked for an URL simply enter best-reviewer.com nothing more.

In all cases, stats will start to show in a few hours after creation and data will start to record from the moment you created the channel, you won't be able to see what happened before. But note that with the URL CHANNEL only you may encounter a problem of page views reporting always 0 in AdSense.. It is a long standing bug which AdSense never bothered to correct, or maybe they did, I don't know I don't use URL CHANNEL now since it is not needed anymore.

- Is Best-Reviewer.com bad for my original articles I link to from my tops? I see the tops pages in front of my own article in Google's search results! What about duplicate content penalties?

This myth confuses LOTS of members. Google has already demystified the duplicate content penalty myth in its official blog, you can read for instance:

So please, as Google suggests, stop listening to people who don't know any better and try to scare you uselessly... copying your article introduction in the top's description doesn't qualify as "scrapping the content" because that would involve copying all the article in the top description, and even then, google is good at knowing where the original content came from.

It's true that at first you can see Best Reviewer in front of your own articles in search results, but don't worry, that is simply a freshness boost given by google to new pages when it first discovers them. This artificial boost can last from a few days to weeks, but eventually the original article will always be in first, if only because on the top page there's a link to the original article, and there's no link from the original article to the top page!

I understand that you can be afraid, but don't be, because even Google says there's no reason to be, and please tell that to the person who first told you this false information, this myth.

- Why do I see Amazon ads and links from another affiliate on my top?

Well, I've put this in place as an attempt to deter members from submitting tops with their Amazon affiliate links in them. So I thought perhaps having competitive ads (my own Amazon affiliate links BTW) on their page will lower the perceived value of making tons and tons of tops with only Amazon affiliate links in them. I don't know if this will work, but I'm trying.

Why do I try to deter members from submitting tops with Amazon affiliate links? Well it's always for the same reason, Google doesn't like it. I once read an internal documentation made by Google for its online workers in charge of ranking sites and reporting spam sites. And inside this documentation it was clearly written that one of the factors to help determine if the site needed to be reported as spam (and so, penalized) is the fact that pages have affiliate links on them and so don't add much value compared to going directly to the merchant site.

So, I know that having 10% of pages with affiliate links is ok, more maybe, but how do I limit members from doing too many such tops? I can totally ban Amazon links, it's easy. But I don't want to do it, because it's perfectly fine for Google to have some of the pages with affiliate links in them, so I came up with this solution to try to deter members from doing it too much.

I don't know if that will work, so if I see that the trend continues to grow, then I'll ban it (not delete the tops but by simply not displaying any link going to Amazon) and I'll update this FAQ page to say so. Probably won't happen as I believe members doing that kind of tops will not be happy to see competitive ads on their tops and will limit themselves automatically :-)

If this measure affects you, the only thing I can recommend is that you create one page per product you want to promote, on your own blog/site and only then you can create a top which links to your pages. That way there won't be any Amazon ads on your top page, it will be clean :-)

- Can you explain me this or that part of the Best Reviewer system?

You can find some very detailled articles about Best-Reviewer.com done by members of the site, such as:
Search Google for "Best Reviewer" and you'll soon find many articles simply introducing or explaining in great details the site.
Also check those video tutorials on how to use Best Reviewer efficiently:

Do you have another question? You're welcome to ask it directly by contacting the webmaster (James) and receive a reply very quickly.


Correen's picture

How does the referral program

How does the referral program work?

Teresa Schultz's picture

Hi Correen - from another

Hi Correen - from another member (me!)

Good question you asked. I may be wrong, but I think Best Reviewer is similar to SheToldMe (where, if you have an Adsense account and use your Adsense publisher id on SheToldMe, the Adsense ad beneath all the SheToldMe posts of all your referrals is yours).

On Best Reviewer, my understanding of the "referral program" is this:

Your Best Reviewer profile link and your website or blog link appears beneath the posts (Tops, on Best Reviewer) of all the Tops your referrals post. The ad at the bottom of the top is also yours.

Let's say you refer 30 people to Best Reviewer. Each of those 30, over time, post about 40 Tops (and you also continue to get new referrals and everyone also continues to post Tops - so later there are even more Tops appearing with your profile link and website link beneath them as well as your ad block.)

But let's look at just that 30 referrals posting 40 tops each:

That's 1200 pages on this site that your Best Reviewer profile link and your own blog or website (or writing site profile page) link appears on. It's also 1200 pages with your ad on. That's a lot of exposure, and a lot of potential traffic to your own site, your Best Reviewer profile, and in turn, your Best Reviewer Top postings, and where they link to.

And, of course, your Adsense ad is on your own Tops too, as well as your profile link and blog link, so if you have 40 Tops posted, make that original 1200 pages total 1240 pages, instead.

Seems like a lot of good reasons to post Tops regularly, and also to try get new referrals regularly.

That's my understanding of it anyway, and I hope that helps.

james's picture

Teresa is spot on, that's

Teresa is spot on, that's exactly how it works! Please ask more question if there's something you don't understand.

JadeDragon's picture

I saw some tops of just

I saw some tops of just Amazon affiliate links and thought immediately that was a bad idea. I can't believe that a bunch of Amazon affiliate links are going to be good for the site or attract much traffic. Seriously, it looks like spam.

Heather426's picture

Thank you for posting this!

Thank you for posting this!

easiest's picture

thank God am part of this

thank God am part of this

Novem's picture

About the Amazon affiliate

About the Amazon affiliate links:

I've just made one Top with 3 Amazon links after reading the Amazon tip in the Forum's "Where to find ideas for Top Best Reviews? But now that I've read this, okay, I'll just follow this:

"recommend is that you create one page per product you want to promote, on your own blog/site and only then you can create a top which links to your pages. That way there won't be any Amazon ads on your top page, it will be clean :-)"

I just hope my first one would be left undeleted, as James said he doesn't totally ban it, as it depends on the trend on Amazon links on the site.

Thanks.... Happy New Year! A BIG year for Best-Reviewer!

tlmntim9's picture

I am still trying to figure

I am still trying to figure out if this site is to my advantage. Do you feature any contributers of poetry, Short Stories, Works for Children, Essays etc?
Thank you for your time.
Tim WIlkinson

Novem's picture

Hi, tlmntim9, perhaps you can

Hi, tlmntim9, perhaps you can make a list of your top poems, short stories or essays and create links to them, thereby creating easy backlinks. You can also make an income page featuring top-selling or highest-paid short story writers or average income of these writers. Just a thought. Have a great day.

MisterJeremy's picture

Is there any way to save a

Is there any way to save a draft? I worked for a long time on a top ten list last night and lost it when my laptop's battery went dead. I know I should have been watching the battery meter, but still...

It would also be useful for times when we don't have time to finish a list we have started.

james's picture

hello, unfortunately there is

hello, unfortunately there is no draft, but you can save your top at any time and then edit it later.

ted1959's picture

Sorry to bug you but I am

Sorry to bug you but I am working on a top and clicked on save at the bottom but on returning to site couldn't find my saved tops. What have i missed? Have a good weekend!

ted1959's picture

But where is the "edit top"

But where is the "edit top" button?

cceerpp's picture

This was quite helpful

This was quite helpful indeed.

azlaird's picture

When you are logged into your

When you are logged into your account, go to the Top you need to edit, and the EDIT button will be at the top of the page, right under the Title of your top. One button says "View" and the other says "Edit". Click the edit button and you will be able to make changes to your Top. Remember to SAVE it again when done.

azlaird's picture

You can find your saved Tops

You can find your saved Tops by clicking the link "Your most recent tops" in your sidebar >>>>

tejudeen's picture

The best place to be is

The best place to be is Best-Reviewer.com

a visitor's picture

Hi! When is the schedule for

Hi! When is the schedule for payment and the minimum amount to be reached? Do they pay via paypal, or Google Ads pay us? Thank you.

a visitor's picture

I cannot sign up due to the

I cannot sign up due to the verification code continuously saying I had typed it in wrong and I know I have not. How do I sign up and have it accepted? Calico

james's picture

I get sign ups every day, so

I get sign ups every day, so I don't think this is a problem for most people. If you wish you could contact me with all information from the sign up form and I will create an account for you if everything is good.
Warning to others, future readers: I will not do it again, only once for this person.

a visitor's picture

Hi, I live in North Carolina

I live in North Carolina and so I cannot be an Amazon Affiliate. Could your program possible generate enough income without Amazon affiliation to make it worth my time.

james's picture

Hello, Amazon is not the best

Hello, Amazon is not the best for general traffic, adsense is.
Amazon would be best if all your tops would be about products in amazon.
But with adsense you can do tops about anything within their rules on content.

a visitor's picture

Hi, I need to know if is

Hi, I need to know if is there any commission made by affiliates on their referrals' best-membership payment?

Thank you,


james's picture

Hello, the current membership

Hello, the current membership system will be retired soon. And yes, the referral link brings you benefits. Your adsense will be displayed on all your referred members's pages, just like on yours, except in another spot.

So it's interesting. But first the membership system needs to be changed back to what it was before I made this big mistake of trusting a drupal plugin vendor..

Geedy's picture

This message appears when I

This message appears when I try to create ads account : This URL is not available for signing up for AdSense

james's picture

OK, so it seems AdSense

OK, so it seems AdSense doesn't accept best-reviewer.com anymore for new adsense accounts creation.
The easiest route anyway is to create a blog on blogger.com, add content (as much as you can while keeping quality in mind) and then ask for an adsense account directly from the blogger interface. Since blogger belongs to Google, it is easier that way. Then you can use your account on any site, best-reviewer.com included.

deborah-diane's picture

I just wrote two Tops that

I just wrote two Tops that include descriptions of books. The first was a list of biographies of 20th Century people; the second was a list of children's books about the environment. Based on reading these comments, I did not include any Amazon links in either article. Should I have put Amazon links to the books in the URL sections, or leave them blank? Should I just assume that some of the books will probably have Adsense or Amazon ads anyway? I don't want to over-advertise or add a bunch of links that would just hurt my Tops.

james's picture

Hello, Adsense sharing will

Adsense sharing will be active of course, but for amazon you can put amazon links in your tops. If amazon sharing is active (honestly I don't remember, it's been two years I haven't been focusing on this site's code) it will be only widgets around your top content / text.

Paul Abah's picture

Pls am I to write articles

Pls am I to write articles and post them to Best-Reviwer, and get paid in the near future?
I need a step by step guidance on what to do...thanks

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