This is the end my friends.. Or is it?

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This is the end my friends.. Or is it?

EDIT: This issue has been resolved, it lasted 2 weeks and the reason was external to me or the site. But it was related to one of the members who did something violating AdSense rules (on my site or not, I don't know) and has been banned from AdSense. In the process they also banned his sites, including mine. Now they have fixed the issue and ads are back on my site.

Hi everybody!

I have noticed in my adsense account that since 8th march there is no earnings from and also I have noticed that the ads don't display anymore on the site..

So I know ads have been disabled.. Problem is I have received no notification about it. I think one member might have received the notification but didn't tell me anything..

So I wrote to adsense, I'll let you know if they reply, in the meantime there's no adsense anymore on this site, that's life!

Hello, my site is an adsense revenue sharing site, for this purpose I use the old adsense code format and switch the adsense publisher ID in the html code.

From 8th march I see that ads have been disabled on my site. I have not received a notification for any problem, and no message is in my adsense account. What is possible is that since there are several adsense publisher id on different pages of this site, you have sent the notification to a member of my site instead of me.

There is always my adsense publisher id on the side bar as link units, on all pages. Also for most of the pages the first ad unit has my adsense publisher id, but in some cases (premium members) all 3 ad units are from that member who wrote the page.

I moderate all content submitted, I delete content and user accounts from time to time when they violate adsense's TOS, but it is always possible that I've missed something.

Would it be possible for you to find back the issue that lead to the disabling of the ads and forward it to me so I can fix any issue and I will make sure it doesn't happen again in the future?

I don't believe the issue to be one of the most obvious adsense violation because I try to be even more strict than you are, here is the page that I prompt all my member to read and respect:

Thank you in advance for helping me resolve this issue so me and my members can continue working with adsense on this site. If you can't could you please let me know the specific page that lead to disabling the ads, so I can know what page is at fault and ultimately which member?

It's not the end of the world, but it is a big problem, I hope it will be resolved, if they take some time to reply, then I'll act very quickly on whatever the problem is. If they don't reply, there's nothing I can do about it. Sorry about that.. At least we can say it is not because I haven't been strict enough about the rules, I have delete whole user accounts in the past for minor violations and I check the content submitted everyday.. But what can you do? By the way, don't worry about your own adsense account, disabling of the ads on one site is very common and doesn't affect the overall standing of your account, especially since they send the notification only to one person.. So in this case I guess it was to one of the premium members, because if they had all 3 ad units with their adsense publisher id, adsense thought it was his site, it's normal.

Here's the result of posting the contact form:
The form has been submitted to AdSense Support.

We'll try to get back to you within 24 hours if your query is about your own account and requires an action from our side. However, depending on the volume of messages that we receive, it may take up to 48 hours or longer for us to reply. Thank you for your patience.

In the meantime, please visit the AdSense Help Group to see if one of your fellow publishers has the answer to your question.

I'll keep you updated about this, in the meantime, work on your own web properties, that's what you should always do anyway :-)

Do you think it is your ad layout that specifically causes you issues with Google? I don't get why they always seem to have an issue with you.

Well, it would be nice to know, really. Perhaps it is about my ad placement, perhaps it is about some content I have missed in my daily moderation, I really don't know since I have received nothing about the disabling of ads on this site..

I have written to them, if they care enough to reply, either they will forward me the notification and will work with me as the webmaster in order to resolve it, or maybe they will just tell me which page it was, in that case I will delete the user account just to get revenge on the motherfucker who didn't forward me the notification, either they will not reply which is what I think will happen, and in that case I will find alternative to adsense..

And if some members don't want to continue if I use clickbank revenue sharing instead of adsnese, then so be it, what do I care really?

In a way (to stay positive, as I always try to do) it is a good thing if adsense really don't want best reviewer anymore, then we can try alternative ways of online earnings.. And since most members will not want to continue working on the site, it will free some moderation time for me, so I can focus on other sites I have in mind such as health reviewer, money reviewer, travel reviewer, ... But in those new sites the premium membership shit will be finish, I will always keep the first ad unit to myself, so that if there is a problem, adsense will send the notification email to me.

Plus, it will be finish with the stupid adsense rules about not having casino or adult related content.. Best for traffic!

So you see, it's all positive!!! :-)

Of course if they decide to work with me to enable adsense again, then my lazyness will work and adsense will be there again....

Time will tell..

but yes, maybe it is about my ad placement, I really don't know since I have no information at all, I only discovered it about 2 days after they disabled the ads..

Google's customer service is pretty poor for a global organization, overall. It is an interesting example of where having a good product can override the importance of everything else.

It's okay, don't worry, this event is indeed very positive.. Let's take it as a wonderful oportunity.. I'll give them one week to reply, I might even send them another email after one week, just to extend my holidays a little bit more :-)

I hope you get it back, or at least find out why they removed it.

Yes, I wish they would at least tell me which page it was, so that I can find back the member who didn't care to forward me the notification. I just want to be mean and get revenge :-)

But what is likely to happen is that I'll get no reply from adsense.. I'm not pessimistic in nature, but experience tells me so.

Hope you'll get back your adsense account soon. Hope you won close this site as most of members did put great effort on it. May be can search for Adsense alternative for replacement such as Chitika or Infolinks that have revenue sharing features as well.

I don't know why you got the idea that my adsense account has been disabled. I never wrote that. I wrote exactly what happened. Ads have been disabled on THIS site, and I didn't get any notification email. That's it.

At the moment it doesn't look like adsense will care to reply to me, since it's been like 48hours or more.. But I always try to see things positively, so although having to move from adsense is easy to be seen as a negative thing, I can also see it as an oportunity to try other ways to generate income, and maybe even more income than with adsense.

The thing is, if adsense puts back the ads on this site, then my lazyness will mean we won't try anything else.
But if they don't, which I think will happen since adsense are very poor at communicating, then it will be an opportunity for me to try other things.
The first obvious thing will be to replace the adsense spots by clickbank spots, I'll add a field in all member's profile where they can put their clickbank ID, and then I'll use the clickbank widget to make clickbank revenue sharing.. And we'll see how it goes.. There are also other ad networks that we can try..

But anyway, nothing prevents me also to just create another general topic site based exactly on best reviewer and move the member list to this new site. But for sure I won't repeat the mistake and the first adsense block will ALWAYS be mine, there will be no more premium member crap which I believe led to adsense sending the notification email to somebody else..

Also, this might motivate me more to finally work on the 3 speciallized sites I have in stand by, health reviewer, money reviewer and travel reviewer..

And finally, think about not having adsense on the site it also means we are not bound to the adsense rules anymore, so there can be categories for casino, firearms, adult, pharmacy, etc, etc.. As long as those don't violate whatever ad network we'll use on the site.. Easy, simple, wonderful, something fresh!

So you see this event can be seen in a very positive light as it is an opportunity!

But still my lazyness wishes adsense replies to me and work with me for re-enabling the ads as quickly as possible.

The same thing happened to, AdSense disabled ads on that particular domain. The admin opened another site but just a day after opening the new site, everything worked out itself and AdSense ads mysteriously started showing up on Seekyt. Really really mysterious!

Well, one week after my first email to them, I still got no reply, so I'm trying for the last time to get in touch with them, this time I used the appeal form and this shorter message:

The notification of disabled ads must have been sent to another member of my adsense sharing site, so I'd like to have it forwarded to me so I can work on making an appeal. Site is ads are disabled since 8th march.

I wrote to you a longer email through your contact form on 10th march, but after one week I haven't received any reply, so I'm trying now to get in contact with you through this appeal form, I hope you can get back to me about this, I can forward you any additional details you need to understand the situation and why I haven't received the notification.
If we can work towards re-enabling the ads, I will make sure that in the future there will always be my adsense publisher id as the first ad unit on all pages of my adsense revenue sharing site, so this issue won't happen again.

Thank you

Once again, the message upon form submit is full of hope, for what it's worth:

The form has been submitted to AdSense Support.

We'll try to get back to you within 24 hours if your query is about your own account and requires an action from our side. However, depending on the volume of messages that we receive, it may take up to 48 hours or longer for us to reply. Thank you for your patience.

In the meantime, please visit the AdSense Help Group to see if one of your fellow publishers has the answer to your question.

I've also sent two messages in google groups on adsense in english, one on 10th march (no reply) and one more today..

Now let's see if they want to reply or they prefer to just let it go.. I'll wait for one more week before moving on to something else, so it will take us the the 24th of march, or before if they reply, but I'm not very confident about that, due to previous poor experience (think about the way they disabled the ads, it is documented fully in the forum)

So, if there is nothing new I'll first try to install clickbank revenue sharing and see for one month or two if it works for me and you. So if you haven't got a account, open one now, it's useful for you anyway to have one, like it is useful to have an adsense account.


Well, it is strange but I can see on my Adsense account 1-1 ad displayed on both on 12th March and 13th March. I do not know how it is possible.

I don't know how it is possible, me in my adsense account it's pretty clear:

March 8th ad impressions divided by 4 compared to the daily average and since then not even 1 ad impression.

sad but if this true then we must accept the rules. may be you can create another similar website

Yes, sure I can create another similar website, even 10 more in theory, it's not hard to do.
About accepting the rules, well it would have been nice that I was notified about any violation like they always do, or at least that they now reply to my messages. I understand that they may have been confused and sent the notification email to a random member of best reviewer (my guess only since I have no message whatsoever from adsense, no message and no reply) but now how hard is it to reply to me and forward me the notification?

Anyway, I don't care at all, it's more a bad feeling towards you all the active members or active referrers that I feel bad about it.. For me it's easy to do positive thinking because I have other income source, but I imagine for some people their best reviewer's earnnigs could have represented a significant amount of money.

But that's ok, for me I can see it as an opportunity on many levels and one lesson learned, I will never have the first ad unit not belonging to me anymore. I started this with best reviewer, I'll end it here. So that if one day I don't receive a notification email adsense won't have that excuse for sending to someone else than me.

just let me know if you have an intend to create another similar site. this problem hurt some member here including me, because i'm adsense publisher too

Yes don't worry, I'm currently putting my lazyness aside and focusing on this important problem by creating a similar site and moving things around. This current site will stay but obviously not with adsense since they're likely not to respond despite them sending the notification to the wrong person, like they care anyway..
So this site will stay but with other ad networks, clickbank will be the first because it is easy to setup revenue sharing, so if you don't yet have a clickbank account, open one and soon there will be a field in your user profile to put your clickbank id. Basically clickbank will replace the adsense spots here. After I'll explore a little bit other possibilities in other CPA and PPC networks.
Also I'm advancing slowly one site based on best reviewer but focused on health, beauty and fitness if that's something you're interested in. But it won't be ready before a couple of weeks at the earliest.

I'm working on it, I wish I didn't have to, but I have no choice, I'm not going to close this site just because stupid adsense disabled the ads out of nowhere!

ok. don't close this site, at least member still get a backlink to their site. just do whatever possible and benefit to this site and it's member.
i have clickbank account

I think they meant 48 days

Well, I'm not waiting anymore, I've made a copy of the site on another domain and will work on the template and removing all the ads, it will be back at 100% adsense, but with my ad unit first, then I'll wait for a notification on this new site. The problem is there will be a problem of duplicate content, so I'll see, many things will have to go. Like the forum I don't know yet if I'm keeping it here or on the new one. But also the problem will be traffic and backlinks will start from nothing, again.. With over a year of existence, best reviewer is still only between 2,000 and 3,000 unique visitors a day, so the new one.. But that's ok, it was the first time I duplicated a drupal site to another domain, so it's positive for the experience.
Now that I have started chances are I may receive an answer tomorrow saying "fine, we put back the ads on" it's always like that :-)
But from what I read more and more, communication is not their thing anymore, they go all social but are unreachable :-)

It's ok.

Yes i experienced the same with Facebook as well.

You wake up early or you sleep late?

I sleep late, now is the end, so I'll continue on the new domain tomorrow (today). I don't have a regular pattern of sleep, sometimes I can go to sleep in the afternoon and wake up at night, it doesn't matter anyway when there is no appointment anywhere and the foodstores are open 24hours. But those last few weeks I go to bed always before 8 in the morning maximum. And you, do you have a regular pattern of sleep?

I suppose I'll delete the forum on the new domain and keep it here.

These days I sleep at around 5am or 6am.

I am not sure that moving your domain will brig AdSense back to be honest. It may for a short while but they usually track you with you ID, +1, gmail and all that stuff. Why you are not keeping best reviewers as it is now and experiment with CPA with it, and launch the new Best Reviewers series that you wanted to make, and put your adsense on the new ones? I am sure all users here will be interested in multiple domains = multiple sources of back links, and different sources of income.

At least next time they have a problem with the site they'll contact me on the new domain for sure.

I'm keeping this one here, it will have CPA, and the new one is like a fork in open source, from yesterday's database duplication, the content will be different. The new one will not have much traffic I know at first, but after some months it will, no problem. I also copied the users so everything is the same for now, I'm still thinking about what to remove/change on the new one..

Anyway, I'm working on one of the more specialized ones, and will eventually do also the other, but let me tell you this ain't fun at all ! That's why I'm doing it so slowly, because it's boring..

Thanksfully soon there's the perspective of going to relax in Laos for a few weeks, so it's a motivation to finish as much as is possible before I leave in April..

You could move the salary to the new one, but keep the links here and do 301. Like this you can have users navigate between new and old without even noticing. It will quickly build traffic to the new one, then once you get enough back links on it, you can gradually separate them completely

I am just wondering if GoogleBot penalized the iSpam section. I recommend you to remove it from the site.

Why would they penalize it?

By GoogleBot you mean the search engine?
Because about the adsensebot it is total silence, and on those iSpam pages only my own adsense is on them, so if it was the reason they would have send me a notification about it.
If you're talking about the search engine, then no it has no reason to penalize it, why? And the traffic has been the same for months now, which is once again (because I remember a similar situation on shetoldme a long time ago) not normal since there is new content posted everyday and new backlinks also regularly, so normally the traffic should have increased but it has stayed about the same for several months now:;unique?login=dam008

The ispam part of the site is here since only sometime in 2012.. But I'll move it to the new site and remove it from here, also I'll do the same for the salary content as suggested above. I'd like to also do it for the forum since the template will be larger on the new site, but the problem will be how to move only the new posts between the database duplication and whenever I'll be done with the changes on the new site.. I'll try to find an easy method and if not, maybe I'll leave the forum here as I first wanted.

I think better leave your forum here. May be what you can do is create new forum sections that you will redirect to the new site. Or you can iFrame the new forum in the old one, but i think 301 is better.
Is the problem linked to you adsense account to to the domain name? (i.e. did you revenue stop for your whole adsense or just for best-reviewers)?

I believed that was clear since the beginning. What happened is the site has ads disabled, it has nothing to do with anyone's account. Usually when this occurs, you first receive a notification email giving you 72h to fix whatever the problem is. Then if you do nothing, some time later ads are disabled on your site. But you can make an appeal by giving your notification ID number and explaining the situation.

The current problem is that I didn't receive anything, and since they always do what I described just above, it means the notification has been sent to another person. And it may be the first adsense publisher id they've found (automatically) on the page violating whichever part of their tos they were concerned about.
The thing is I have my adsense publisher id on all link units on the site, so that's the most present adsense id on the site, but obviously they don't work like that they simply take the first adsense id in the html code. And unfortunately sometimes it's not mine.

So, the revenue did stop only on just like it did for all current members who have an active adsense account.

the world is in the hands of robots now. No more humans to talk to.

Hi, why do you think it's better to leave the forum here? Any particular reason?
For me the forum would be better at the new domain because:
- there will be my adsense on it
- template is larger, more convenient for forum posts especially when we reply to one reply and the indentation makes the answers more and more to the right with white space on the left.
- in the forum there are parts where we talk about adsense, so it makes sense to have it where we also have adsense on.

The user database is the same so I'd just have to link from here to there, as for the google search indexing and 301 redirects, I won't be bothered to do it for the forum or the ispam since there's only my adsense on, but I'll do it for salary pages since they are from members.

I'm not willing to hide anything that I'm doing from adsense, so upon careful review of the new site they'll be able to see that it was a previously banned site, but I have my reasons (lack of response from them) so I don't feel any guilt about it, if they want to talk about it, I can tell them the reasoning behind it, which is simple: when a brick wall doesn't want to reply to you, what else can you do than adapt to the situation? If they have another opinion they can ban the new site again, or my account, whatever.. I can't control what they do with their business, if they think it is in their best interest to ban the new site or my account, that's fine, adsense is not a basic human right it's just the currently most paying PPC network, that's it.

I cannot believe it.. They replied (in french) and said, translated:
"Thank you for your message.

We have examined your site and we can confirm that it is now complying with the adsense tos.
We have updated your account data to indicate that the site is complying with our policies.
Ads should re-appear on your site within 48 hours.

Of course they do that while I'm working on the new domain and finding CPA networks for this domain..

And of course they say that now my site is fine, when it hasn't changed a bit, I haven't even removed any adsense code..
And of course they don't say what url was at fault. Anyway any url would be still present here..

It makes no sense. So what do I do now?

Lazyness talking: do nothing except put your ad unit first at all times. Give up on the new domain, back to normal focus on whatever you were doing before like playing Battlefield 3 on PS3.

But another part is telling me to continue develop the other domain in order to finish it with the new template which will be useful anyway for the next sites I'll do.. But for the clickbank sharing stuff it pretty much ends here, since if I don't use the best ad spots for clickbank there is almost no chance to make any sales anyway, I know because I have put my own clickbank already on the site and make maybe one sale or two per month.

So what do you think about that? I know it's easy for you to give me advice because you're not the ones having to do the actual job, but still at least those who have participated in this thread, do you have anything to add to this weird event?

Some bot at Google disabled the site. Now a human reviewed it and it is working again.
I still believe that it is possible that the iSpam section was guilty. Why? Because it can make a bot think that the whole domain is a spam site therefore flag it. Google runs several different site quality analysis bots and many of them are not affected by robots.txt or "nofollow" links.

Even if the disabling of ads was made automatically, there's still the issue of the notification having been sent to someone else.. I hope they can look into it.
As for the reason being the iSpam section, firstly there is nothing in the TOS about not using the word spam :-)
Plus there are other sites which publish scam emails, spam, etc.. With adsense on.
But yes we can only speculate. It's true that very recently I've removed all the iSpam pages to keep them only on the new domain, I was going to do the same (with 301 redirect) for salary pages.

I don't know really where I am now, maybe should be in my bed it would be better :-)

If they removed your ads before, they could do so again. I would continue with the new site and have two similar sites. Best Reviewer traffic was really good the first 6 months it was live and Google does seem to like new sites.

It's very annoying they won't even tell you what the problem page was, if indeed there was a problem page.

Yes it's quite annoying, and although I was hesitant, I nonetheless replied back to their email, asking them again the details and said that the site hasn't changed, I hope they don't disable the ads again knowing that nothing has changed :-)

Hello, first of all I'd like to thank you for replying and also for directly re-enabling the ads on my site.

If you could reply me one more time I'd like to ask you a very specific question:

What triggered the disabling of the ads? Could you please forward me the original notification email (which I never received) or at least the example URL which is usually in those notification emails?

I ask you this because as you understood, I never received any notification email, so I have no clue as to what was the problem. I wouldn't like the same situation to happen in the future and would like to understand what happened.

My site hasn't changed since the 8th march, so that's why I'm surprised you are saying that after reviewing my site, you can confirm that NOW my site complies with AdSense's TOS. I didn't even removed the adsense code from my pages, and I haven't changed anything since the disabling of the ads.

If it was simply an error, a mistake, then please also let me know, so I can understand what happened. But if it was something that is not on my site anymore, please let me know also what it was, so I can take steps to ensure this will never happen again.

Thank you.

Seriously? Continue the new site as if Google didn't answer you. Try a bunch of CPA networks there. Even if you are lazy you can do it and it won't take much of your time.
As Tina says, if they did it before, they can do it again. And ne mets pas tes oeufs dans le meme panier ! New site will grow slowly and gradually drive some traffic.

Je suis d'accord avec My Space-Lyrics.

Regardez les statistiques de la version française de Best Reviewer:;unique?login=dam001
Et pourtant il y a beaucoup moins de membres et beaucoup moins de pages...
C'est désespérant pour la version anglaise :-)

I have received a reply, in french again, despite me always writing in english :-)


Merci de votre message.

Normalement, vos publicités AdSense doivent fonctionner à nouveau.

Il semble y avoir sur l'un de vos sites deux comptes AdSense. L'un vous appartenant, l'autre non. La personne possédant l'autre compte AdSense a enfreint les règlements AdSense, ce qui a entrainé un bannissement de
votre site dans la foulée.

Nous en sommes désolé.

L'équipe Google AdSense

Which means:


Thank you for your message.

Your AdSense ads should work by now.

It seems that there are two AdSense accounts on one of your sites. One belongs to you, the other not. The person who owns the other AdSense account has violated AdSense's rules, which triggered a ban on your site in the process.

We are sorry about that.

Best Regards,
Google AdSense Team

So that's good, first because they replied without a copy and paste, specifically answering my question on what happened, which I didn't believe they would do and secondly because the disabling of the ads wasn't about something I had done or not done, like a bad ad placement or not moderating a post quickly enough.
But if this person has been banned it might be for something more than content violating the rules, like talking about sex tips, because in that case the site it was on would have had ads disabled, but the account wouldn't have been banned as a whole. So if for instance this person was using my site to make invalid clicks on his account to earn money, then maybe because of the ban of the account they also banned my site. Or maybe it was simply their way of dealing with banned account, marking domain name just in case the banned publisher tries to register again under another name and then put adsense on the site again..

Well I don't know, anyway, everything is fine now, but I will not put back the first ad unit for members, if one of the 4 members who bought a premium membership want a full refund, no problem, just ask me here or via the contact form. Instead of having the first and second ad units you now have the second and third. Yes your referrer if you have one will not have his ad unit on, but that's life.

So all this story is good, ok we all lost 2 weeks of earnings in the process, but it prompted me to do a duplicate of the site, which I will continue, and also as I was motivated I've re-arranged the ad placement to a better way, I've removed some ads, I'm going to add the clickbank sharing soon. I've finally found a way to gain back a few dozen pixels for the content area (where you're reading now) and so many things are positive it's incredible!

OK the bad side is about the CPA networks, CPAlead, Peerfly, etc.. which I'm sure my interest will be delayed by a few more months or years, until something really bad happens again, or if I finally see the light :-)

I think no matter where you place the other ads: second, third or fourth place, result will be the same. What I understand from their reply is that if any of the other adsense account is banned or get a warning on another site, the they will block all sites where this account appear (no matter what position, they just look if the code is here or not.
You still should work on your plan B

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