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Perhaps I should be ashamed of myself, in fact I know I should but anyway I don't see you face to face so that's fine I can live with it..

I made my first webpage in 1996, my first complete site the following year, I made money online for a long time, first I was freelancing and soon I was earning a full income just with internet without any customers.

And the shameful part is that I never build a list.. I only opened an account with a mailing list provider in 2011, and I have not used it during the first year at the price it costs!

This company is Aweber and here's why I chose this one at the time:
There are in fact only 2 major such companies so far, getresponse and aweber. Getresponse is the newest of them both. Most internet marketers who have big lists use either one or the others. When you're chosing a company you look at different points:
- email deliverability rates (how well they work with anti-spam organisations and webmail providers to make sure the emails sent from their servers arrive in subscribers inbox rather than spam box)
- price (the cost is quite high, both monthly and yearly, so you want to look at the cheaper of both)
- features (email templates, tools to make it easy to send emails, widget to put on your site, etc.)

And perhaps some other things you want to look at..
Well I made the study and asked for unbiased opinions on webmaster forums and really there's no real winner, that's my opinion. The prices are the same, the email deliverability rates that I can't verify are both said to be XX% by independant organisations. Honestly that's something I don't trust, but have no way of knowing for sure. The features also are the same. So I went with the more established one and that is aweber. But I could have went with the other one it would be the same. Now I'm glad I have chosen aweber because I don't want to change!

And yes I'll use it more from 2012 to 2013 than from 2011 to 2012 and that won't be difficult! :-)

Also like many internet marketers have said, if they could do just one thing differently from their experience it is "start building a list earlier" and they also say "money is in the list". But I can understand why so many people don't build a list because I did the same: to avoid the cost and the work.
Short term thinking but that's the reality..

So, if you start today there's one month trial at $1: Aweber or getresponse, but I link only to aweber since it is my referral link and anyway why would you chose getresponse instead, if you have one good reason please tell me, perhaps things have changed since I made my study in 2011?

Now, because I went into my Aweber affiliate account, I've seen several videos that are meant to be shown for promotion, well I think they can be interesting to convince you a little more that you really need to start building your list(s) if you haven't done so yet.. So I put them below, just watch them and think about it.

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Wow! Nice one. Email

Wow! Nice one. Email marketing is a great technique. It will certainly return a better investment and customer engagement metrics than other marketing techniques. It is beneficial cause of its low cost when compared to the mainstream marketing channels.

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