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Drupal Modules

I am not sure this is the right forum, but here goes:

Is this site a Drupal site and if so what would you say are the must have modules for Drupal?

For example, I noticed that the forum is pretty good, is this a specific forum module? Also, your Drupal seems to automatically create fantastic URL (aliases?), do you know what module?

I guess this question is for James but anyone can answer.

Hi, yes I use Drupal, I always recommend everybody to learn how to use it, it's not very easy, but so much worth it, and not impossible at all technically. It's just not as easy as picking your nose, but it is not reserved for high IQs, anybody can use Drupal at their level and grow with their experience!

Two modules, one is called "pathauto" to make urls as you want (often just to have page title in url) and the other one for the drupal core forum to look a little bit less ugly is called "advanced forum".

About the modules I use usually that are important for me, is "advanced users" and also "comment notify".
Of course there are other must have modules, I think you'll have more chance by simply looking for a top 10 modules for drupal, maybe it exists already on best reviewer, or you can research the topic a little and then make your own top :-)

What do you use for spam control? Personally, I haven't had much after disabling links but it seems strange to me that this site does not get more spam bots pumping out articles.

Hi, firstly I approve by hand pending applications, and I accept only those who put a valid-looking adsense publisher id. All other get denied.
Secondly anytime I see a top from a new member which shows that this member is of poor mental quality, I delete the user and the content posted without any warning.

Finally I also moderate comments from anonymous users..

Of course I don't let the comment box for anonymous users totally open, because that would be madness, I use the module MOLLOM (I have to sign up on the site mollom too) that's something a bit like ASKIMET for wordpress if you know.. It's a third party service for anti spam. I let it delete any comment posted that it thinks could be spam, I don't care if there are false positive.. But still some spam goes through because it is sent by human spammers (indian seo workers for sure) so that's why I still don't allow comments from anonymous users to be published without my approval.

That's "a lot" (I mean more than I wish) of work to moderate this, but I can't do any other way, I tried, but the spam bots and the f****g indian spammers are always here and so I have no other solution, as I don't have a nuke bomb to send in india.

I am struggling a little with the Drupal modules, but mainly because they do not seem to have compatibility with Drupal 7. It seems like Drupal 7 is almost being ignored. Do you use Drupal 6 or something?

Oh yes, I'm not yet using Drupal 7 for any site, even the newest one juiuj.com I did with Drupal 6, at least I'm sure there are all modules I want.. I may use Drupal 7 later, when Drupal 8 will be released hahaha

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