Download PSY Gangnam Style Lyrics, MP3 and Youtube Video (also the Oppa version)

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Download PSY Gangnam Style Lyrics, MP3 and Youtube Video (also the Oppa version)

You don't understand the title?
I know, in fact I've searched on Google Insights first, and then I composed my title for this page and you see the result..
Instead what I meant was more like:
"Have you seen this music video which has been viewed 250 millions times in only 2 months?"
But instead I made it plain and not understandable, because on Google Insights I saw the most popular searches were:
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And in the rising searches I got the rest:

1. gangnam style download
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So I made a title out of all those words, sorry about that, it's professional diformity I guess, if you understand what I mean! But let's keep on the topic here, I have something to teach you really today if you've never heard of Gangnam Style until today, I know I didn't before today too.. I'm two months and 250 millions video views late :-)

OK, so what is it all about? Don't worry I'm going to show you..

It is a simple music video clip from a Korean guy, I don't know why it became so famous, and he doesn't know too from the few interviews I've read, it just happened, but it's true he has a boom boom music, a video with some nice female creatures, some humour, and some special dance moves, it's in Korean so nobody understands it except for a few people worldwide, but I can tell you it's very popular in Thailand clubs for instance, why I don't know..

I've learned about it, because I read on my favorite online local newspaper that some teenagers shot at each others in Bangkok and the reason involved is about the Gangnam style dancing which some didn't appreciate, anyway another fine and valid reason to shoot at each others, of course..
"Gangnam Style" Dancing Ignites Gunfire By Disgruntled Teens
A South Korean rapper’s video that became an Internet sensation apparently sparked a shooting among hot-blooded Bangkok friends. The shooters got irritated when their pals kept imitating “Gangnam Style” moves. A fight nearly broke out and shots were later fired. No one was injured.

So before that news article I had never heard about Gangnam Style, so I checked out on Google and here's what I discovered..

So here's the video, which you can download as a MP4 video or a MP3 music file with many services, the easiest one for me is the DownloadHelper Firefox addon, but online there are also sites which do only that, they take in a youtube url and they give back a file in the format you want, one such site would be but really there are a ton of them simply search "youtube download video" and variants and you'll be fine.

So anyway, let's display this fine video:

So, in case you'd like to know more about the girl with orange hair, well there's another version more focused on her sexy face and legs, plus she's has a sexy voice. When I use the word sexy in fact I have more ideas in my head, but let's say sexy is enough, you can translate yourself:

Now, did I told you how many views the first video got? 250 millions in just 2 months, that's a lot!
The second one with the orange haired girl featured more in details, in just a month it has been seen 50 millions times. That's less impressive, but still..

Now of course there's another video from a youtuber (OPPA) who made a nice little video with music of his own, multi tracks and all.. OK he got nearly 2 millions views in one month.. 2 vs 50... it pays to be a sexy girl with orange hair :-)
But the original video it's more 125 millions per month so far..
Here's the OPPA Gangnam Style video:

Some of course are searching for the lyrics as I wrote in my introduction, well I don't think it is that interesting but anyway I'll do the search..
I will not copy the lyrics here, it's not important, but here are several pages where you can find them directly:
This one has original lyrics, pronounciation / romanized and the translation in english
This one has only romanized and english translation
Finally this one with only the pronounciation / romanized if you want to sing along, but why would you?

Oh by the way, Oppa is not the name of the youtber who made the cover of the Gangnam Style, it's just in korean a word which means I, me.. My mistake! The name of the youtuber who made the 2 millions views in one month video cover is MysteryGuitarMan, I don't know his real name it's a mystery, at least to me :-)

You see, only 2 months after its creation Gangnam Style has a long Wikipedia page dedicated to it:
I don't know what they're saying inside, I've read the video is in the Guiness Book of records for the most LIKES in Youtube history, etc.. Take for instance, very soon it will be 2 years old, and there's not even a single line about it on WikiPedia :-)

Well, I think if you've never heard about the Gangnam Style before reading this page on my forum, I think you can admit that you've learned so much today that you can consider your learning quota reached for the day..

So relax, and enjoy the rest of your day, it's free time! No work anymore! Let's dance, Gangnam Style of course! :-)

As of today 29th october 2012 the original video clip of Gangnam style is at 586 millions views while the one with the girl Hyuna is at 117 millions views.

The video of PSY Gangnam Style has reach the billion video views on 21th december 2012 which was doom day, but wasn't.

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