Do you guys generate revenue from Best Reviewers?

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Do you guys generate revenue from Best Reviewers?

I was wondering who is actually making money here.

Because I have posted 4 tops already. OK they are probably not the best tops in the world. But there was some visits. And my tracking shows 0 impressions. Plus when i look in the source code of my tops, it is not my Publisher ID that is showing, it is another one!

So I would really like to get feedback of who is actually generating any income here, and if you guys have your own publisher ID showing in your posts. Thank you

Hmm...You bring up a very good point...Maybe the site has been hacked...Because my latest top has someone else's Publisher ID too...That's a major problem...I've been wondering why my Adsense has been in the red...And I think this is the problem, someone else's account is getting credited for my articles...

James, can you please check into this ASAP???...

Thanks, WAHM Shelley...

*** NOTE: When I wrote my answers I was not in the mood, so now I could delete them because they really sound stupid and mean, but oh well, I don't care, so you can read it as it was written by a stupid guy (me) but honestly it's pointless, better close this page now and do something useful for yourself. ***

I will look into it, but at this moment not possible, because..

And honestly...

Anyway, what I think is that I've changed the ad placement, so the first ad is mine like before, the second one is yours, like before.. but what changed is that the first ad (mine) was before introduction, and now mine is below introduction. Before yours was below introduction, and now it's after top 1 item description..

So, it's probably this which gets you all troubled...

Anyway.. I'm ok to talk about the ctr you got before and the one you get now, and if it's bad then let's talk about it and we'll find a way to increase it like before.. I don't care really... I wanted to change ad placement so that content will appear well above page fold..

But if there really is a problem, I'm ready to fix it, not now because as I said don't remember when, it's not convenient just now, but in a few days, weeks, no problem I'll be free again..

We can talk easy, no need to call names or whatever, myspace lyrics, be careful, I'm worse than Hitler and easy to delete members for whatever reason, hahahaha, yeah i play god i know... hahaha that's the idea, yes...

So just take it easy because I'm not in the mood for anything negative, understand?

If you're not happy, just go somewhere else more professional, I don't care, ok? So don't fight, you lose for sure.

Oh by the way, anybody reading this and not liking it, same for you, go away, talk about it in forums, whatever, you know? Many places for you where people don't say the truth to your face.. Me I don't care, so you have what is real, the truth, I have no interest in lying to you.. I know you don't like it, but suck it anyway!

Oh by the way, before going to sleep I said to myself, ok let's check what this 2 weeks and 4 tops members is saying...

Well , of course he or she is wrong.. and flooding comments and forum about this...

I'm too tired to delete this member...

So please just go away or stay but shut the fuck up, honestly, I'm tired of this crap..

Why do you critisize something when you don't have the means of checking for such a simple thing..

I know you won't be happy about the way I talk, you know what, if it can make you and other decide not to post here anymore, then SO GOOD, THANK YOU VERY MUCH...

This is not a cimmunity, this is not, a dating site, ok? It's just for money, that's it.

So, grow up, there's no feeling here.. If you don't know, then don't act like if.. Be simple..

I welcome all comments, but the ones who start to go crazy posting comments and forum threads for stupid reasons, totally false.. No thanks..

Plus I'm really not in the mood just today and tomorrow, really bad timing, but this you couldn't know...

So, forget about how I speak, and I forget about the mess you've put everywhere in my moderation queue.

The truth of it is that you are mostly better of developing your own web properties, which James often says.

In regards to the tops and adsense earnings, it all comes down to popularity and it is quite hard to predict what will be popular. That said, while I doubt I earn much here I can tell you that if I were even attempting to make money from this site I would want to be posting 4 tops a day, probably at the very least 200 words each and maybe 300-400.

Just the nature of writing on the Internet really, I doubt James is cheating you.

When I try to write consistently I just think, "just write man, it isnt a college essay". Tougher to make money online than people expect, particularly if you are trying to establish yourself as a quality author rather than quantity.

Don't make me link to the Rocky Balboa speech!

You must be LOGGED OUT to see all the ads shown, then look at your source code. Your publisher id is shown in the SECOND Ad Block. So when you look at your top (logged out), it's the ad shown right underneath #1. When I look at your tops it's showing the website owners id in Block 1, then another Adsense ID of pub-5436046551176309 in block 2. This should be your id. You are able to get your Adsense ID in both blocks if you buy a premium membership.

Wow...That's it!!!...I guess you can tell how wet I am behind the ears...I am a newbie and I didn't know this...Now, I get it... :)

Thanks, azlaird for clarifying this for me!!!

WAHM Shelley...

It's a relatively new change that you must be logged out to see all the ads. James changed it so Best Reviewer members aren't being bombarded with all the ads when they are logged in. So you must log out now to see all the ad placements and check the source code. (Or just open an new incognito window). Your own Adsense ID in the 2nd ad block, just below your Top #1.

To the original poster "I've written 4 tops and I'm not earning any money". Are you for real? Try writing 40 or 400 and then see if you are earning. And you've been here for 2 weeks!!!

Writing for online income is a huge learning experience, it takes months and years before you get anything decent, many years before you can live off your earnings. If you could write 4 short tops (and yours are very short) and earn something, everyone would be doing it.

I've been here over a year and here's my advice:

Make all your tops 10 or more. Put pictures in them. An lots of text.

Write top 1 a day for a year and then check your income

Write in many places, not just here

Learn about backlinking

Learn affiliate marketing

Learn about niche markets

Listen to James' advice on the forum

Be nice to everyone online you meet

and write a Kindle book (or 3)

And follow my Cyber Scribe blog

Yes I earn money here. And many other places too. Each place is a small amount each month, every month, but they add up. I've been here a long time and what I have written has had time to mature.

I want to add my 2 cents in on this. TinaAtHome's advice here is very good. In regards to backlinking, I actually write many of my Best-Reviewer tops for the express purpose of getting backlinks to my other webpages, blogs, and squidoo lenses. In my experience, some of my tops get a PR1 or PR2 rank within a few months, giving me a more valuable backlink than one coming from some PR0 blog comment or whatever. The Adsense money is a bonus for these type of tops.

However if you are using Best-Reviewer primarily as a means to earn Adsense income, then follow the 4 weeks Adsense method that James talks about here:

In my opinion if you want Adsense income only, then don't add any links within your tops. Then there is a greater chance the viewer will read your article then click one of the ads. So is essence either write for backlinks, with your links included, OR write for Adsense income and include NO links within your top 10 list.

Hi Azlaird,

Thank you for your comment. It is quite interesting indeed.

Yes I have followed James 4 weeks Adsense method and created a blog with the 84 posts as he recommended, adding pics and back links and more. These tops posts are new to me so I am asking others about their experience.

Your comments make sense. I did create a couple of posts for back linking purpose.

Hi and thank you for your reply and all the advice.

My question was no "I've written 4 tops and I'm not earning any money" like I am complaining not to make any money after 2 weeks!!

My question was "Is anyone making money here" because i wrote 4 post and I want to continue writing more, but obviously, before putting in the effort, i want to know if someone is making money here, in which case i could ask them if they can share their experience. I definitely wouldn't write one post a dat for a year if a few people had done it before and came back to me that they didn't generate any income!

I am following Shaun at Hobo, Hubspot and Farrukh Naeem.

And yes I am for real.

I make some Google money. But the real benefit here is in backlinking the other stuff I write. I think I had written here for about 6 months before I saw anything. It was months (can't remember 2, or 3 or 6) before I saw my first Google penny from Best-Reviewer, then it started coming. I definitely earn regularly here now with Google.

Thanks for clarifying Tina. It makes it more clear that the main benefit of the tops is for building back links. It is not obvious in the beginning but quite a few of the bloggers who replied here tend to say the same.

I don't have many tops here but I'm always amazed how I actually make money on Best Reviewer from them.

I have had a click from here so I know the code is working. Any small amount is a bonus really.

I should really create a list before commenting although I saw no comments and just wanted to say hi. And if this site is like any other revenue site it will take lots more to write, high quality content, and time. Now that I have said that, I am going to "try" try navigate around here and make my own top. Good luck and keep us posted!

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