Do You Check Your Adsense Earnings Every 5 Hours?

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Do You Check Your Adsense Earnings Every 5 Hours?

How often do you check your Adsense earnings?
And after checking earnings, what else do you check so that it will give you an idea on how to earn more?
And by the way, does checking Adsense earnings every hour "interferes with or disrupts Google services or the servers and networks" and therefore a violation?

Not anymore :-)
Firstly there is absolutely no limit on how often you're allowed to check your adsense earnings.
Now, there are some tools which can help you fight off the addiction (and waste of time) it's a firefox add-on which shows your earnings in near real-time in the status bar. Don't remember the name but is easy to find, ask if you need help after looking for it.
And another one is called MADSENSE is a software which I use that can go and download datas from your adsense account every X minutes and is useful to me because it shows datas in graphical charts, very detailled and precise. It was even more useful before the new adsense interface but still is very handy now.
Both free of course, I'm never talking about things you have to pay for.

I keep checking my account every day twice or thrice when ever I get some time.

Addiction -- hahaha I like that. Good I asked the question because I didn't know tools like those you mentioned existed. Will check them. Thanks a lot.

sanathara, me too. some days, more times.

You can check your earnings in every 5 minutes. As long as you are not doing anything harmful to adword publisher and google they won't do anything. It's your ID and you have the right to have access at any time. Nowadays i am addicted to check my adsense earnings , i feel happy when i see someone clicked my on an average i don't earn much. It's like few cents but for me a lot of things. It motivates me to work harder in future so that i can build a foundation to earn passively.

I've checked again and it seems the few firefox addons for displaying your adsense earnings in the status bar have not been updated and so don't work anymore. I don't know if you've found one working..

I don't use it anymore that's why I didn't know. But I still use MADSENSE so I can tell you it works and you can let it run in the background, so every hour or so it can download the latest data for you and there's a cash register sound everytime there's new earnings update :-)
Here's the link:
Click on LANCER MAINTENANT then it will install Adobe AIR if you don't have it, then it will install the app. I don't know if it's in french only or it depends on your operating system default language. Mine is set in french per default, so I have the app in french, but even if you don't know how to read french it's not hard to use, you know what the software is intended to do, so it's easy to work it out, and use for words you find difficult to understand.

It is good to hear from you that many of you check adsense earning often, but I can't make so much to see the earnings per day!!

You can get there eventually, but what you need is a clear goal and plan of action. Have a look at my article here if you haven't already:

I couldn't find part 2, if you wrote it, can you send a link?

Sorry that you looked for it, I never got around to writing the second part yet. I know what I'll write in it, for the method, but lazyness got the better of me until now.

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I guess I keep checking and hoping that I will click and see a whooping figure! (lol) But, I guess I also check to make sure my account is okay as well.

I admit it. I'm a compulsive statistics checker! I spent WAY too much time checking my traffic stats on Squidoo, checking my commissions every morning from Squidoo, Hubpages, Amazon Associates, among others, and yes, checking my Google Adsense earnings multiple times a day. Mostly, because I've just started focusing on the Google Adsense part recently and so now I'm actually seeing some results.

However, I know my time would be better spent by creating new content (like new Tops here on Best-Reviewer), than by checking stats. But checking the stats a lot also gives me feedback as to what I'm doing right and what is simply not working. So I guess I need to find a better balance. More new content creation and LESS compulsive statistics checking! :)

Yes, but don't sweat over this, this online money earning should be consider like a video game, and your earnings and web traffic are your score. So in a game one should look at one's score, it's normal to keep track of your score in the game, it's automatic, part of the ritual..
Now one thing that is good, I was doing that before, is wake up in the morning and look at how much money you earned while you were sleeping (assuming you checked the amount before sleeping) this was funny to do, I loved that part, earning money while asleep is so good :-)
Of course that time would be better spent creating content, but honestly this online money earning thing has one big advantage is that you then have no boss and no customer, if you don't mind being in front of a computer (I don't mind at all) then you can consider yourself on an extended (unlimited) holidays. So playing the online money earning game is just a way to occupy your long holidays.
Nowadays I don't check earnings as much as before, but it's not because I'm working more, no it's just that after some time, you know the score is more or less the same and you play the game with less enthousiasm, it's still funny and I'm glad I play this game, it's just less new. BUT I'm not saying I know everything about this game and become bored, not at all, there are vast parts of this game I never even explored, like building a mailing list, or really going into affiliates marketing, so in time I'll probably explore those parts and all the new ones still to be explored. It's just that there is no stress involved, we just have to take it as a game, and avoid any kind of stress which is bad for health. :-)

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