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Display your tweets (Twitter) on Best Reviewer!

Hello, you can now display your tweets from Twitter on Best Reviewer! The links you make in your tweets will be visible by Google on your BR user profile page on the right column, as well as on a dedicated page linked from your user profile page. And the tweets will also be displayed on all your top and salary pages, now isn't it so extraordinary that you can't get up from your chair?!? Try to get up from your chair now to check if this is not so extraordinary that you can't get up from your chair.. SO?

Anyway, in order to add your Twitter account, you need to go to EDIT YOUR ACCOUNT (the link is on the right column as you're reading this, if you're loggued in) and then near the top of the page you have a link titled Twitter accounts. Click this, the page will ask for your Twitter's username (not for the password) and you can add several Twitter accounts. Of course if I ever see one of your tweet which is against AdSense's rules on content (no casino, no adult, no lot of things) I'll delete your account and all your top/salary pages, this goes without saying...

After that, save the changes, and wait for the next site's update (happens every hour or so).

You'll have all your tweets displayed on Best Reviewer, that's very easy backlinks to your content. Try it now if you want, that is if you have a Twitter account :-)

Unfortunately I had to remove this Twitter module because it was generating errors since last update, that's sad but that's life!

Probably in a few weeks or months, I'll try to enable it again when the module maintainers will have worked out the problems..

Thanks for the update.

What happens if someone mentions me in a tweet? With that be displayed as well? Because in that case only the poster has control over it. Could be quite dangerous.

good point, what is the progress now?
MySpace-Lyrics i agree with you

Looks like the comment system was upgraded. It's better now and nicer too.

By the way, i saw today while i was logged out, in the "best pages" on the right sidebar.

1. is no title
2 is سكس which means "sex" in Arabic. You probably want to remove that if you want to stay friend with Google

I will regularly clean up this list.

thanks for the clarification

Nothing will happen since the Twitter module has been disabled on the site. What it was doing was simply to display your own tweets in the side bar, that was it.

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