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Create salary pages about famous people

Hello, this is a list of famous people that you can use to create your own income/salary pages on Best Reviewer.

Also some keywords most searched for in relation to salaries:
medical assistant
bill gates
physical therapist
medical assistant
hank baskett
cristiano ronaldo
chartered accountant
youtube partner
michael oher
nfl referee
google adsense

Hello James! Why can't we add bigger than $2,147,483,647 per year? I'm trying to make a salary for Bill Gates but the system always shows $2,147,483,647 maximum.

Hello, I think it has to do with the type of field (integer) I've chosen to store values in the database.
I did already realize this limitation but I said to myself that 2billion is already a lot, so the problem will appear only for a very few people's salary.
So for those people, really we shouldn't care about this problem, so Bill Gates will show 2 billion instead of the real value, so what?

Well that was my way of thinking, now if you tell me it's very important to support above 2 billion then I could look a little at how to correct this. Not sure I can find it.

I think just write the maximum amount allowed, and then make a teaser in your intro...
like "You think that's too much? Well, what do you say, Gates' salary is actually... whew!......"

When creating a salary page with 2 billion, the page looks bad, it is too long and the dynamic money displayed since the user came to the page quickly overflow the standard white area. It's not very good looking, it's better to limit it to a few hundred millions dollar a year, that's already enough :-)

like someone who works minimum wage in general?

yes of course it can be! But you would have to add "a" or "an" because the name will be inserted between: HOW MUCH MONEY DOES XXX MAKE?
So for instance you can create one salary page for: "a doctor" or "a nurse" or "a gardener" etc.
And use the introduction/conclusion fields in order to specify what kind of gardener (example) you're talking about, for instance a gardener in Miami, then you can give more information about nationwide average for gardeners, etc.

okay thanks for the comment I have already good ideas on how to use it.

I'll be watching what you come up with!
One easy thing to do is watch a news channel and write down the name of any person they talk about, then find out their salary and create a page about it. For instance at the moment there is talk about DSK (Dominique Strauss-Kahn) and his wife Anne Sinclair as well as the salary of the alleged victim Nafissatou Diallo.

Is it good to insert words in the title "How Much Money Does _____ Make?" so that Best-Reviewer salary posts about the same person would appear unique on search results?
What happens if there are ten Best-Reviewer salary income posts about LeBron James, for example, with the same title?

yes, but make sure the sentence as a whole still makes sense, thanks.

Also, here is a list of well known people, simply find their salary by searching on Google with "NAME OF PERSON + SALARY" or "NAME OF PERSON + INCOME", this is the list of the 100 people of the year from the magazine TIME for 2010, but you should also target Sportmen such as NBA players or Football/Baseball players, and of course movies stars and famous singers/bands, those persons are very popular in forums and people are curious about their salaries:


* Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva
* J.T. Wang
* Admiral Mike Mullen
* Barack Obama
* Ron Bloom
* Yukio Hatoyama
* Dominique Strauss-Kahn
* Nancy Pelosi
* Sarah Palin
* Salam Fayyad
* Jon Kyl
* Glenn Beck
* Annise Parker
* Tidjane Thiam
* Jenny Beth Martin
* Christine Lagarde
* Recep Tayyip Erdogan
* General Stanley McChrystal
* Manmohan Singh
* Bo Xilai
* Mark Carney
* Sister Carol Keehan
* Sheik Khalifa bin Zayed al-Nahyan
* Robin Li
* Scott Brown


* Bill Clinton
* Kim Yu-Na
* Mir-Hossein Mousavi
* Ben Stiller
* Temple Grandin
* P. Namperumalsamy
* Nay Phone Latt
* Chen Shu-chu
* Phil Mickelson
* Didier Drogba
* Graça Machel
* Reem Al Numery
* Sachin Tendulkar
* Tristan Lecomte
* Liya Kebede
* Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw
* Zahra Rahnavard
* Jet Li
* Serena Williams
* Chief Master Sergeant Tony Travis
* Karls Paul-Noel
* Rahul Singh
* Valentin Abe
* Malalai Joya
* Will Allen


* Lady Gaga
* Conan O'Brien
* Kathryn Bigelow
* Oprah Winfrey
* Valery Gergiev
* Robert Pattinson
* Ashton Kutcher
* Suzanne Collins
* Taylor Swift
* Neil Patrick Harris
* Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof
* Prince
* Lea Michele
* Jerry Holkins and Mike Krahulik
* Simon Cowell
* Neill Blomkamp
* Elton John
* Marc Jacobs
* David Chang
* Banksy
* Chetan Bhagat
* Sandra Bullock
* Ricky Gervais
* Han Han
* James Cameron


* Zaha Hadid
* Elizabeth Warren
* Douglas Schwartzentruber and Larry Kwak
* Michael Pollan
* Atul Gawande
* Jaron Lanier
* Victor Pinchuk
* Lee Kuan Yew
* Deborah Gist
* Kathleen Merrigan
* Steve Jobs
* Tim White
* Lisa Jackson
* Elon Musk
* Edna Foa
* Jaime Lerner
* Paul Volcker
* Amy Smith
* Matt Berg
* Amartya Sen
* Michael Sherraden
* Sanjit 'Bunker' Roy
* Tim Westergren
* David Boies and Theodore Olson
* Sonia Sotomayor

I have to stress that the salary pages you produce on best reviewer can attract a lot of traffic BUT there's something that you need to be very well aware of and that is that the page can easily look spamish if you don't input the effort both in the introduction and conclusion fields.
Those two fields need to be filled in with original content.
What I often see is a short one sentence in the introduction field and then the conclusion field is left empty. OK that's quick to do, but if you think this is going to attract much traffic and for a long time to come, you're crazy!

Yes, salary pages have less competition between webmasters in the google result pages, it's true, but google is also very quick to penalize individual pages if they look like there is no content inside.
So think a little bit more:
A. you spend 3 minutes and create a page which will attract 100 visitors before being penalized.
B. you spend 10 minutes and create a page which will attract X visitors for ever and ever

A majority of members currently choose the inferior choice A. It's normal the majority isn't always right. For me the majority is right only when it makes the same choice as myself!

Forbes juste released the Top 25 highest paid musicians, might be worth a look and who is willing to create salary pages for at least the top 10? Not me, but who has the will can do it easily, forbes checked the figures for you, it's calculated from pretax income from May 2010 to May 2011, whatever they say, it's the same to us, isn't it?
Check it out here:

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