Congratulations to AdSense for always paying on time!

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Congratulations to AdSense for always paying on time!

AdSense is very reliable for payments, I've been an adsense publisher since 2003 and they have ALWAYS paid me on time, usually less than 30 days after the end of the month.
The only two things I am not so happy with are:
- no payments via PayPal
- no way to transfert adsense money into adwords credits, in order to use adsense earnings to advertize on adwords without having to use credit card or banks at all.

I hope someday this will change but I doubt so, they could have done it years ago, so if they didn't implement it, I'm not sure why they would do it now..

I guess they don't pay through paypal to ensure the publisher has a valid residence and serious on his work. I would be much happier if they pay though paypal.

Yes that would be nice if we can choose some months to be paid via paypal and some months on other things. It would also be nice sometimes to be paid via western union, at the moment western union is not available for all countries.
But those are details really, not a big problem at all, as long as they pay on time everytime, it's good.

I am guessing they avoid paypal because it is easier to fake an account. I would also suspect they don't want people use advertisements to drive people towards their adsense sites, as they state in their rules.

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Although electronic payments like PayPal are good, there is also a drawback that not all countries yet have access to a full-fledged PayPal. PayPal accounts in my country cannot receive payments, we can only send. Countries like Pakistan and Bangladesh can't even send - they can't open a PayPal account. Country specific regulations and monetary rules hinder with foreign exchange transactions through PayPal.

At this time, I have access to Western Union for which I thank them. I also like the AdWords idea!

Hi James,

Is it possible to integrate Chitika with Best-Reviewer like what had done on where users can select to display either Adsense or Chitika ads on their content?

Hi, I've stopped using chitika altogether because they were paying really too little. Since then, the yahoo publisher network has closed in their letter to publishers and advertizers yahoo recommended to go to chitika (not adsense) so chitika might have received a lot of advertizers and so their publisher's earnings have maybe increased.

I need to restart looking at chitika and see if they allow revenue sharing easily. That's not the case for infolinks or kontera for instance..

At the moment I'm very focused on releasing a new site, and I know I have 3 other similar to best reviewer to build also and move best reviewer to a new template with code upgrade, etc.
Today I've opened a new VPS to put best reviewer and the new site so that they'll have memory for breathing, the old VPS was starting to reach the maximum memory allowed on the server 4GB.

I don't know when I'll get around to chitika on best reviewer, but for sure that's something I'lll be looking into at some point. Need to optimize the earnings!

Thank for looking into this James. Appreciate you can give us an update in case you really successfully allow best-reviewer users to integrate in Chitika for revenue sharing as done on

Yes but look at shetoldme, it's not happening anymore, for a long time. I told you I removed that feature because it was really low earnings, for me, so I imagine it's the same for other members. It was better to simply remove something paying so low.

But yes I'll try again about optimizing, milking each page for the most money, yes. But nowadays I'm really focused on launching 4 new sites. I need to finish this task and then get back at optimizing earnings everywhere, yes.

I'll let you all know about that. But you know my problem also is that I don't yet have a mailing list and my only mean of contacting you is by taking all members emails from the database, and then send an email with at most 500 address in BCC field. Yes I can only send about 500 emails per 24hours on my gmail account. So if I want to contact several thousands like I did last year for best reviewer launch, I have to use several gmail accounts, and plan ahead, and also since I don't have many gmail accounts I need to do it over several days, etc. really not my cup of tea!
Would be so much easier if I already had an aweber account years ago and that you would all be subscribed to it by now. I could simply send an email and you'll all get it at the same time, no problem.
Now I'm thinking about opening a aweber account and in my next email I'll tell you all to subscribe to this mailing list otherwise you won't ever get any news from me (which is not bad in itself by the way)
I can't subscribe your emails by myself, aweber has a double opt-in policy, so I'm stuck about that.. Also aweber costs quite a lot I think, it's like $50 or more per month for my needs (over 2500 emails for sure)
And at the moment I don't send emails a lot, as you see it's been one year I've mass mailed anything, and before that I don't remember.. So if I pay $50 a month for something I'd better use it and possibly get some money from it too..
I don't know, I need to focus on finishing the first site now.. but this aweber stuff is also at the back of my mind, because if I go with it then I need a few hours to get up to date with how to use it and set up subscribe forms, etc. So I must not leave it to the last minute either..

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