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Best Review - Top 3 Social Bookmarking Sites

  • poddys   7 years 45 weeks ago
    I do like the New Digg a lot more than the old one, especially because I can automatically post articles without having to manually submit them, which used to take ages. I still don't get a lot fo traffic from there though. Delicious for some reason I never ever seem to get traffic from. I don't know what I am doing wrong. Stumbleupon has been the most successful bookmarking site for me in the past, with most articles falling by the wayside, but some being picked up and getting thousands of visits over the months.

Best Review - Top 5 Walks in Southampton

  • poddys   7 years 45 weeks ago
    Southampton has changed I know, it juist gets busier all the time, but there is still some lovely countryside around the city, and plenty of great places to visit.
  • jeffwend   7 years 45 weeks ago
    Hey Poddys, great review of the top 5 places for walks in Southampton.
  • tomradford   7 years 45 weeks ago
    Great stuff. I went to school in Southampton and can vouch for these walks...the old town has changed a great deal since then but there are still some nice spots for a stroll, particularily down by the Hamble... that's lovely

Best Review - Top 5 Places in Ireland You Must Visit

  • poddys   7 years 45 weeks ago
    I would love to go to Ireland one day, there are so many amazing places to visit there.