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Best Review - Top 4 Technology for kids gifts

  • exinco   5 years 32 weeks ago
    i can say that kids are fortunate nowdays because they born in the middle of technology bloom. but some time technology make someone lazy or crazy

Best Review - Top 3 ways to remove Superfish / WindowShopper crap from Firefox, Internet Explorer (IE) and Chrome

  • Patrik   5 years 33 weeks ago
    Okay.. At first I thought this was a new ebay "feature", because that's where I saw it the most (ebay item images). Turns out it doesn't have anything to do with ebay at all. Some people on a German forum said it was gone after they disabled "Browser Companion Helper", but it constantly re-enables and re-installs itself. I think I found the culprit in my case, which you might want to add to the long list in the article above.. The See Similar/Superfish bullshit was added to "FVD Video Downloader" (in my case version 5.1.4) in a recent update without user consent or any warning. Plugin can be found (and rated 1 star :) like a lot of people did already) here: You can disable "See similar" in the plugin's options, but to be honest, I just got rid of the plugin entirely. If the plugin developers pull off this sneaky bullshit once, they'll do it again. Hope this helps someone out there.. Back to downloading my pr0n with the super bloaty sluggish firefox piece of shit and the plugin instead of using chrome. Can't have nice things :(
  • a visitor   5 years 35 weeks ago
    THANK YOU! I found it in IE Toolbars & Extensions listed as Conduit Ltd. I disabled Translator and that took care of it! Yay!!! Wish I knew how the heck it got there in the first place - but it's disabled now.
  • John   5 years 45 weeks ago
    In my case (Firefox), it was an option in Add-ON "IE View 1.5.5" which allowed it to use WizeShoppy. When I disabled that option, No-Script no longer complained about superfish.

Best Review - Top 10 Fiverr Tips - How To Help - A fiverr clone, a script not a scam

  • a visitor   5 years 37 weeks ago
    Fiverr is not good for SEO, it sucks. I prefer another site for which I comment spam, they are even much better than Fiverr and focused only SEO or website related services.

Best Review - Top 10 Totally Free Online Dating Sites

  • nino   5 years 39 weeks ago
    I want to share A trusted and reliable dating site that I know and try it myself is, When you decide your social life needs some improvement and you would ultimately like to meet someone special, the only way you can be safe on a dating site is to be very cautious and get to know people before you meet them. There are a lot of success stories from almost all the dating sites, but there is no guarantee on any of them that you will find your perfect match, so I hope you find your soul mate there :)

Best Review - Top 5 Resources Regarding Villas In Javea

  • dorothy   5 years 44 weeks ago
    wow! That's good to know! Dorothy SEO @

Best Review - Top 10 Basketball Hoops and Sports Equipment

  • Bill   5 years 47 weeks ago
    I like this hoop, been watching and learning about basketball for over two years and am an avid attender at Varsity matches, as well as looking into the world of basketball shoe sales, I have two pretty good kicker lenses displayed on Squidoo of which are in high standing, my adviser is my nephew as well as the rest of his school team and I must say I am loving it and find myself looking for more knowledge on the game and it's accompanying attire/equipment, thank you for sharing yours and hopefully we shall have the opportunity to discuss the game in finer detail. I am not sure if this is the correct way to introduce my side of the topic, hopefully it is, if not please forgive me as this is really my first live blog :)

How Much Money Does Lionel Messi Make?

  • lordt   5 years 48 weeks ago
    Messi renwed his contract with Barcelona and his net salary is EUR 16 million until 2018.

Best Review - Top 10 Conspiracy Blogs

  •   6 years 1 day ago
    To be 'free', you must first be free of lies. In July 1990, a group of Trinidadian Muslim revolutionaries linked to Muammar Gaddafi staged a coup. They captured the Trinidadian parliament, the prime minister and a radio station. Their aim was to provide Gaddafi with a launch site for Soviet surface to surface missiles to be fired at the United States mainland. The missile was to be tipped with a nuclear warhead made from uranium sourced from Australian Aboriginal sympathisers after Gaddafi helped fund their land rights campaign in the 1980s and early 1990s. Gaddafi wanted to punish America for supporting the state of Israel, Gaddafis' mortal enemy. Gaddafis' agents in Australia included Rashid Robert Pash, a known sympathiser of North Korea, the Citizens' Electoral Council (Lyndon La Rouche), the Australian League of Rights, (an anti-Semitic group), the Church of Scientology, and Nexus magazine editor/owner, Duncan Michael Roads. Roads and his wife Catherine Maria Simons are Scientologists. Roads' English office is run by a former Scientologist and contributor to Executive Intelligence Review (EIR), the C.E.C. news magazine. Gaddafi, the Church of Scientology, the North Koreans, the C.E.C., the League of Rights, (right wing), the Australian freedom movement and the Confederate Action Party all have one thing in common. They want to rid the world of the Jewish people, the state of Israel and the Hebrew religion. Why? Because Karl Marx wrote a book called: "A World Without Jews" translated into English by Dagobert Runes. Marx wanted the Jews 'gone'. Mao Tse Tung told the Dalai Lama: "Religion is poison." Meaning ALL religions are anathema to the intended Communist New World Order. Mao was taking the lead of Karl Marx when he ordered the invasion of Tibet and the suppression of Tibetan Buddhism. The threat is real. Not just to Judaism and Buddhism, but also to all other philosophies and religions including Christianity. There are two world teams. Team Blue: The United States and its allies, including Israel. Team Red: The Soviet Union/Russia, China, North Korea, Cuba, socialist Libya, socialist Syria, socialist Iraq under Saddam Hussein, revolutionary Iran, Vietnam, Venezuela and other enemiies of Liberty, Freedom, Justice, Free Speech, Conscience and Truth. When socialist Libyan dictator Gaddafi invited journalists to Libya in the 1980s, those who accepted his invitation included Duncan Michael Roads of the Church of Scientology, Rashid Robert Pash of New Dawn magazine, people from Simply Living magazine and some from the far Left of the Australian Labor Party and a handfull of Aboriginal Land Rights activists anxious to secure funding for their campaign to regain ownership and sovereignty over their land, on which, Gaddafi knew, there were deposits of uranium oxide or 'yellow cake' which he could process with his centrifuges and turn into weapons grade uranium with which he intended arming the missile or missiles he intended firing at the United States of America, the main sponsor and protector of his mortal enemy, the state of Israel. The aim of of all of socialist Libyas' anti Jewish NWO conspiracy myths is to seperate Israel from Team Blue and turn it into a socialist Islamacist revolutionary stronghold from which they can launch attacks on Middle Eastern oil fields. Shutting down the Western worlds' oil supply would bring Western Christian civilisation to its' knees. Since the 1980s, Libya, the Scientologists and their hangers on have produced a torrent of anti 'Jewish NWO' material designed to persuade Americans and others on Team Blue to overthrow their governments and stop supporting Israel. We call that a NWO revolution and Treason. The Scientologists are guilty of Treason against the United States of America and EVERY other Team Blue government. The goal of Team Red was to install Gaddafi as a 'Caliph' or leader of a New World Order of socialist, Islamacist, revolutionary, anti-capitalist, anti-Christian and anti-democratic governments. Ronald Reagan said so in the 1980s. Look it up. Gaddafis' agents bombed a disco in Germany and killed a US serviceman. Gaddafis' agents bombed Pan Am 103 over Lockerbie killing Americans and others. Gaddafis' embassy staff in London shot and killed British police woman Yvonne Fletcher. Gaddafi funded the IRA, the PLO, the PFLP, the Red Army Brigades and others who hijacked American passenger planes in the 1970s and 1980s. Gaddafi sold weapons to the FARC revolutionaries in Columbia to aid their cocaine export business to the United States. Gaddafi sponsored, supported and inspired Moro Islamic rebels in the Phillipines, FLNKS rebels in New Caledonia, native North Americans in the United States, the IRA and the British National Party (right wing) in the UK. Gaddafi exported revolution, guns, drugs and anarchy to Team Blue countries everywhere while New Dawn, Nexus and other propagandists attempted to undermine, smear and misguide patriots everywhere that the problem was 'a Jewish NWO' not the Libyan-sponsored 'Communist/socialist/Libyan/revolutionary NWO' it actually is. The pro-Libyan propagandists included: Robert Pash (Pro Libyan/Norh Korean socialist. New Dawn editor). Duncan Roads (Scientologist). Joe Vialls (The Strategy newspaper. Chronic fantasist). Eric Butler (League of Rights). Ron Owen (Lock,Stock and Barrell). Tony Pitt (Fight newspaper). Ian Bruce Bell (Scientologist / Australia First political party). Citizens' Electoral Council. Chris Monckton (Climate change denier). Perry Jewell / Tony Pitt (The Confederate ActioN Party). Ray Platt (The Strategy newspaper). David Icke (Chronic fantasist). The Jewish NWO myth is a lie perpetrated by Gaddafi and other communists to divert your attention away from the Islamacist-origins of the worlds' opium / heroin supply (90% plus comes from Muslim Afghanistan. About 5% comes from the Buddhist 'Golden Triangle'. Look it up). Most of the worlds' cocaine comes from Roman Catholic Columbia, Bolivia and Mexico. Look it up. This anti Jewish NWO propaganda suited the Church of Scientology. They have no loyalty to anything or anyone except themselves. These people think they are 'gods'. The rest of us are their, (soon to be), slaves for eternity. They despise Christianity and hope to destroy it by 'proving' UFOs and aliens exist. that is where the "Alien/Jewish NWO" myth comes from. That is why they made it up. It suits their plan to install a "Godless" NWO where being a person of any faith is a crime against their "Godless" NWO. The 'patriotic' Australian and American freedom movements have been fed a steady diet of 'hate your government' conspiracy myths designed to make the communist invasion/takeover simpler because all faith in Team Blue governments will have been white anted away by 'Trojan Horse' double agents and propagandists like Roads, Pash, Peregrine 'Perry' Jewell, Tony Pitt, Mark Koernke and Timothy McVeigh. McVeigh killed 168 Americans including 19 children, He was a 'tool' of worldwide revolutionary forces, not a patriot. When we turn on each other, our enemies have an easier job of turning the survivors into corpses or slaves. Read 'The Art of War' by Sun Tzu and 'The Prince' by Machiavelli. First the Communists divide us, then they conquer us. There is strength in unity. Be strong or be dead. When they control what you think. They control what you do. Turn on your fellow citizens and you become the 'useful tool' of the Communist NWO of Marx, Gaddafi, Pash, Roads and Al-Hassad in Syria. Al-Hassad senior was a big fan of Josef Stalin. Look at what the son has done to his people and promise yourself you will never do that to your own people. Otherwise, you are just a tool of the Marxist/Stalinist/Scientologist NWO. The REAL NWO. This is why I hate Nexus. This is why you should learn to hate Nexus too. Defend yourself with the truth. Reject the Jewish NWO lies. If you fail, you will become a "useful tool" of worldwide communism like Timothy McVeigh, Usama Bin Laden, Pash, Roads, Ron Owen, Jim Saleam, Eric Butler, Perry Jewell and Tony Pitt. God gave you Reason and Rationality. Use it. Our enemies are the communists, the socialists, the revolutionary Islamacists who murder American and other Western people on a daily basis in the name of their 'revolution' while these liars tell you "it was the Jewish NWO". Bullshit. Beware of the enemies within who serve our enemies without.

Best Review - Top 10 WeMo Belkin Applications (including IFTTT recipes)

  • a visitor   6 years 2 days ago
    Doesn't work with Android. Check Also, no wemo app at GooglePlay.

Best Review - Top 4 Cautions about Online Data Entry Jobs Without Investment

  • Julia   6 years 1 week ago
    Search Local Jobs Today!

How Much Money Does President Obama Make?

  • lordt   6 years 2 weeks ago
    Not bad money but I think he will earn more after the presidency for speeches, books, etc.

Best Review - Top 5 Online Survey Sites to Earn Extra Cash!

  • Ray   6 years 2 weeks ago
    I think a professional survey website offers no frills or trappings. its pure business. For my research work, I trust [MY OWN SITE I SPAM EVERYWHERE]. It is perhaps one of the best online survey tools.

Best Review - Top 10 and Most Popular Articles

  • AMRUSTIC   6 years 3 weeks ago
    Hello, thanks for the insight. Yes it seems problem-solution types of content work better at attracting traffic.

Best Review - Top 5 Places to Get Free Toys for Christmas

  • Travayah Williams   6 years 4 weeks ago
    Hi my name is travayah Williams I have 3kids I need Christmas toys for them I thought I was going to get my child support money it it didn't come so now it like 2day tell Christmas and I don't have anything for my kids no Christmas tree or toys can some one help me pls it hurt me so bad not to have anything for them
  • valerie leclere   6 years 6 weeks ago
    my daugter has 3small kids who need asstance for chistmas an really would be thankful for the help
  • Jackie montiel   6 years 7 weeks ago
    I am strugeling trying to of my 4 grandkids10,6,5,4monthold 3girls boy6yr if u can please.hep thank you
  • chantel moss   6 years 9 weeks ago
    where can i get free christmas gifts for my kids i have an 8 month old baby girl and a 2 year old son

How Much Money Does J.R.R. Tolkien Make?

  • lordt   6 years 5 weeks ago
    Tolkien was a great writer and scientist. He and his family deserves the money.

How Much Money Does Rapunzel Make?

  • lordt   6 years 6 weeks ago
    You must be kidding... I am just wondering if someone really performs Google searches to look for Rapunzel's income.

How Much Money Does Carlos Slim Helú Make?

  • ME   6 years 6 weeks ago

Best Review - Top 5 Vulture Videos at Bays Mountain Park

  • Priscilla King   6 years 6 weeks ago
    Two links at Blogspot. Hope Debbie Dunn and Chia are still doing well!

How Much Money Does Britney Spears Make?

  • a visitor   6 years 7 weeks ago
    how much money does james bond make

Best Review - Top 6 Travel Mobile Apps

  • parker   6 years 7 weeks ago
    Great list! I’ve tried Flight Tracker and love it, and am looking forward to checking out some of the others you have listed as well. As for suggestions, the one thing I hate about travelling is the actual time I spend getting from point A to point B; the wait at the gate, layovers, delays. To combat this I use my Kindle app, or the DISH Remote Access app I picked up. A coworker of mine here at DISH recommended it, and I love it. It gives me access to live and recorded shows off our receiver, anywhere I can get a wifi or 3G connection. It’s awesome for just relaxing in the hotel at the end of a long day of sightseeing, too.

How Much Money Does Chuck Norris Make?

  • a visitor   6 years 8 weeks ago
    This is just a timer counting from the time you start, not how much he is actually making! I tested this and in one hour, it said $1041.66. This is a fake!!!!!(but cool):)

How Much Money Does Osama Bin Laden Make?

  • Your Mom   6 years 8 weeks ago
    I am Osama and I love cuddling

Best Review - Top 12 Garage Hanging Storage Solutions

  • Storage rack   6 years 8 weeks ago
    India's leading manufacturers and suppliers of rack, storage racks. Contact us storage rack and rack manufacturers with best quality.

Best Review - Top 6 online payment services

  • lordt   6 years 8 weeks ago
    Maybe you can add the number of users. The payment systems have 2 important measures: the fees and the number users.
  • MySpace-Lyrics   6 years 9 weeks ago
    They all have a significant number of users.
  • lordt   6 years 9 weeks ago
    I am just wondering how many users do these services have. PayPal is the number one and I think Moneybookers is the second largest but I have never heard about the others.
  • MySpace-Lyrics   6 years 9 weeks ago
    I am glad you find them useful. Paypal is not used in every country, and have cross border rates that can be prohibitive!
  • jimformation   6 years 9 weeks ago
    Hadn't heard of most of these. Thanks!
  • TinaAtHome   6 years 9 weeks ago
    Thank you for that list. I haven't heard of paxum, I must check them out.

Best Review - Top 10 Tips How to Get YOUR EX Back YOU Need to Read

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  • maria   6 years 9 weeks ago
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Best Review - Top 5 Articles To Help you Get Back Together With Your Ex Boyfriend

  • Leonard   6 years 9 weeks ago
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How Much Money Does Clint Eastwood Make?

  • Doug Paterson   6 years 9 weeks ago
    He is one of the best actors that has ever hit the screen If he ever comes to Merritt BC. Canada I would love to meet him in person. I think he is worth every cent he makes.God bless him.

Best Review - Top 8 best Treadmills of 2010

  • frank   6 years 9 weeks ago
    Very nice list of treadmills, I have recently replace my old treadmill with a new electric one. And its working nice, it also tell me speed, and total distance covered its nice watch our progress... Cary Gyms [URL DELETED]

Best Review - Top 6 Tips for Younger Looking skin

  • wahmshelley   6 years 9 weeks ago
    I agree with you @TinaAtHome, but with a slight twist...I think that WATER is the most important thing for younger looking skin...A person needs to not only drink plenty of water, but also cleanse their face with water and then seal the moisture in with a good moisturizer (See number 1 above for details), preferably containing SPF 30... Thanks for the comment... WAHM Shelley... :)
  • TinaAtHome   6 years 9 weeks ago
    I think diet is the most important thing for good looking skin.

Best Review - Top 10 Small Business Ideas for Women

  • wahmshelley   6 years 9 weeks ago
    Thanks, @TinaAtHome for vouching that writing eBooks is a legitimate home based business... WAHM Shelley... :)
  • TinaAtHome   6 years 9 weeks ago
    I've written a few ebooks. They sell well too. Well, one sells well, the others just do OK.

Best Review - Top 10 Strange Causes of Death on CSI

  • TinaAtHome   6 years 9 weeks ago
    I love CSI. The strangest one I thought was when someone was killed by ice bullets and then the bullets melted and they couldn't find them. I'm not convinced ice is hard enough to kill.

Best Review - Top 18 of my favorite books of all time

  • TinaAtHome   6 years 9 weeks ago
    From your list, Jonathan Livingston Seagull by Richard Bach is my favorite.

Best Review - Top 6 Elliptical Exercise Equipment Reviews

  • TinaAtHome   6 years 9 weeks ago
    I never liked the elliptical. I always preferred the Concept 2 rowing machine.

Best Review - Top 10 Best Microwave Oven

  • TinaAtHome   6 years 9 weeks ago
    When I bought a microwave oven, I measured the size of the gap in my kitchen and bought the oven that was nearest the size. I figured most of them would work fine, so the most important thing to me was size.

Best Review - Top 5 Websites that Pay You for Answering Questions

  • TinaAtHome   6 years 9 weeks ago
    I like WebAnswers. I get a tidy sum most days from my 1000s of questions and answers there.

Best Review - Top 5 Grocery Store Annoyances

  • TinaAtHome   6 years 9 weeks ago
    I think the most annoying people in the grocery store are those in a hurry, as they are unaware of others around them. But also those not in a hurry and meeting and chatting with their friends can be annoying too.

Best Review - Top 3 Best Sources of Peacock Jewelry

  • TinaAtHome   6 years 9 weeks ago
    This jewelry is so pretty, you should add some pictures to your top.