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ClickBank Powered Audience Builder and Platform

In clickbank this morning I've seen a new thing, they sell an hosted solution for affiliates in particular:

ClickBank Powered Audience Builder can put you on the fast track to building a loyal and profitable online following as an affiliate. It’s the simplest way to build an audience that can earn you cash.

They charge $27 (hahaha those 7 ending prices...) per month for their blogging + list building solution.

The description of this new service is based on 3 points:

- ATTRACT your audience
- ENGAGE your audience
- MONETIZE your audience

"READY TO GET STARTED? Get everything you need to setup, host, design and promote your affiliate website."

This service features are:

- Powerful affiliate site builder
- Blogging tools
- Hosting and file storage
- Product Ad Creator
- Mailing list builder
- Email broadcast
- Site customization
- Point your own domain

Here is the complete description for each point:

1. ATTRACT your audience

Are you a clickbank affiliate would could use help building your audience?

If your answer is YES, then don’t worry, you’re not alone. We’ve received lots of questions from all types of affiliates about how to build their audience so they can start earning more. We realize that when you’re starting out as an affiliate, the process may seem intimidating. And try as you might, you have yet to create the site or promotions that you dream about. Would you like to create a site that could actually generate some income? Need a little help getting started the RIGHT way? Then ClickBank Powered Audience Builder was made for you.

All The Tools You Need

This all-in-one platform bundles together all the tools you need to attract an audience, engage an audience, and start earning a steadily growing income from your website. We provide web hosting, web design tools, email newsletter capabilities and much more–all for a low, monthly fee. In fact, our all-inclusive service costs less than many companies charge for web hosting alone.
Super-easy website creation tools.

With Audience Builder, you'll get access to a number of professional-looking website themes and templates. Choose one and make it your own by customizing the colors and adding your logo. Plus, when you sign up for Audience Builder, you'll automatically become a ClickBank affiliate.

Create your own blog.

To attract regular visitors to your site, you'll need fresh content on a regular basis. And that usually means a blog. Audience Builder comes with built-in blogging tools that let you add new posts as often as you like.

Build a list.

Many website owners invite their audience to sign up for email notifications, thus building a list that they can communicate with and market to again and again. Our tools make it easy to add forms to capture contact information for site visitors.

Be a ClickBank Affiliate.

When you sign up for Audience Builder, you'll automatically become a ClickBank affiliate. That means you can choose to promote high-quality products from ClickBank infopreneurs on your site. In exchange, you'll earn valuable commissions...up to 75%

Optimization and Reliability mean more customers.

Having a reliable website that can be easily accessed from multiple devices not only helps to attract an audience, but helps to retain one too.

Reliable Web Hosting.

Finding a reliable website hosting service with reasonable pricing can be a real challenge. But with ClickBank Audience Builder, you’ll never have to worry about any of those hassles. Web hosting is included in your Audience Builder subscription. It’s just one less thing you’ll need to worry about, and your audience will be able to visit your site at any time, without interruption.
Mobile optimized website.

Today, you don’t just need to design a website for access from PCs–you also need a site that looks great on smartphones and tablets. More people are using mobile devices to make purchases than ever before. Fortunately, mobile optimization is also included with Audience Builder.

2. ENGAGE your audience

Keep your audience coming back again and again.

The most successful website owners don’t just publish content on their sites–they regularly interact with their site visitors. ClickBank Audience Builder includes tools to help you create and manage your list of contacts. When someone “subscribes” to your content, their information will be added to your database automatically, and unsubscribes are just as easy. That means no more worries about manually updating your databases and subscription lists.

Increase your value with regular email newsletters.

One you have a list of contacts, you’ll want to keep in touch with them with email alerts and newsletters. ClickBank Audience Builder lets you easily draft, target and send out emails. As a result, you’ll be able to drive more traffic to your site.

Promote products that appeal to your audience.

As a ClickBank affiliate, you’ll get to choose among tens of thousands of products–enough to guarantee that you’ll find something that will appeal to your audience. When you recommend products that your site visitors enjoy, you also build your credibility with your existing audience … And hopefully, those happy visitors will tell their friends about your site, helping you grow your audience even more.

3. MONETIZE your audience

Earn commissions as high as 75%!

ClickBank pays some of the highest commissions of any affiliate network in existence. We encourage our vendors to set their commission level high so that they attract more affiliates. Higher commissions for affiliates means more customers and more sales. It’s a win-win for affiliates and infopreneurs!

Choose the offers and products to promote.

Unlike some advertising networks that force you to take any ad they select, with ClickBank you always get to select the products and offers that appear on your site. That means you can cherry pick the offers that are paying the highest commissions and the offers that are most likely to appeal to your audience.

Get paid on time, every time.

Thanks to ClickBank's HOPLINK™ tracking system, we'll be able to tell when a customer purchases something after clicking on your link--even if they don't purchase right away. In fact, you'll get paid a commission if the purchase happens as long as 60 days after the initial click on your site. We've built our reputation by paying affiliates on time. You can opt to receive checks as often as every week, and direct deposit is also available.

Advanced analytics can increase your earnings.

ClickBank's reporting capabilities mean you can get detailed data about impressions, clicks, and sales for the various offers you are running. You can see how your links performed hour-by-hour during a given campaign, yielding valuable insight. Armed with this data, you'll be able to fine-tune your campaigns. Over time, you'll likely see your earnings increase as these insights help you do a better job selecting and targeting your promotions.

This is for affiliates, but there's another service one for vendors, it's called Clickbank Powered Platform

This other service starts at $47 per month, it has more features allowing you to host a site and sell directly from this site, it also has the same features as the one for affiliates like list building, but is of course more useful to sell your own products..
I don't know if their hosting and email features are robust, but it is a smart move for Clickbank to start offering hosting and all you need to sell online. It include file delivery but also, content locking, membership, etc.

If you're not yet a clickbank vendor, now is the perfect time, so you don't need to have multiple services, you can get them all at one place, try it: Clickbank Powered Platform.

a visitor
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Am from nigeria, how do I purchase the clickbank audience builder? I tried but it wont accept my credit card

Hi, I don't know, you should simply talk with clickbank directly about it.
But I know they don't accept credit card from countries where scamming is high on internet, and Nigeria is well known for that, there's even a scam nammed Nigerian Scam, hahaha..

But for your specific problem, just talk with them, surely they must have affiliates from Nigeria already, so there's a way to get paid from Clickbank, so why not pay them also..

Maybe they can make an exception for their affiliates.

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