Clickbank Contextual Ads

This is for Clickbank affiliates, if you would like to display clickbank products on your page sidebar or in your content like you do with adsense, then there are several services offering this, but I've chosen this one:
Contextual Ads

Why? I have many reasons. But the most important one is because for each product they have rewritten the description and title so that they are not the text from vendors to affiliates but rather they are texts for customer facing.. Another reason is that they added product images for the widget that use images.

Those two things are not seen in any other services despite their importance!

There are other reasons, but I have written already too many articles about it, I won't repeat everything here, so if you need one such service take my word for it or waste your time looking for a better one and then come back here :-)

Contextual Ads (free but 50% shared with the owner, and there's a PRO membership where you keep 100% of the earnings, I got the lifetime membership)


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