Chitika desesperate to come back into ads in text market, double your tiny income

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Chitika desesperate to come back into ads in text market, double your tiny income

Chitika lynx was such a failure in terms of payment, compared to Kontera and Infolinks that they have stopped their program.

But now since a few months they're trying to get back into the market..

So they announced that from today until 31st January 2013 they'll double your monthly earnings from chitika linx. But up to $100. So that means if you earn $80 they'll pay you $160 but if you earn $130 they'll pay you $230 not $260.

They double, OK, but what is their CPC nowadays? If it's still $0.01 and they pay $0.02 until 31st january, then why should we care about them and not simply continue to use infolinks or kontera?

Chitika, even their normal ads, I really don't know how they can manage to pay so low per click.. I'm sure the advertisers pay them normal money like $0.1 per click and more depending on the competition, so why do they give publishers such low rates? Greedyness only? That's their only explanation?

Even if infolinks and kontera pay low rates compared to adsense (it's not the same format and doesn't take as much screen real estate, I know) they are always performing better than Chitika Lynx in the past..

So do you think today Chitika Lynx will be paying more than Infolinks? Is it worth a try to replace infolinks code with chitika lynx at least until 31st January?

If you currently earn less than $100 per month with infolinks then yes it's worth a shot with chitika, otherwise, don't bother. What do you think?

The email I got:
New TODAY: Double your Revenue with Chitika Linx

Enable Chitika Linx and DOUBLE your Revenue

Chitika Linx is NOW LIVE. Enable Linx by clicking the button above and DOUBLE your revenue (up to $100) earned from Linx!

This special revenue promotion runs now through January 31st, 2013, so don't wait to get started. If you earn $80 from Linx, we'll pay you $160 - it's so easy!

Click here to sign in and get started.

So what is Chitika Linx? They are in-text ad units that automatically identify relevant keywords on your page to hyperlink (double underline) to interactive paid (CPC-based) product listings.

The first set of Chitika Apps released have received AMAZING reviews from publishers who are using them. Just take a look at some of the feedback they have given us:

"Your new Chitika apps seem to be a tremendous improvement in the revenue for my tire site. Since installing them on a limited number of pages I already am experiencing almost a 50% increase in revenue this month compared to last, and this month isn't even over!"

"My income has increased from Chitika since I implemented the features by around 15%. And all I had to do was click the button to enable the features. That's the sort of work I could do all day!"

"I really like the Hover Ads. Over the past few weeks I've seen an increase of about 20% and will continue to use Chitika. I realize Chitika is making changes to its ad formats and offerings, which I'm looking forward to. Keep up the good work."

The revenue increase publishers are seeing is really exciting and we expect it to keep growing with the release of Chitika Linx.

Chitika Linx is live RIGHT NOW. Simply check the boxes of the ad types you want to try out, and ads will automatically be placed on any page where you are currently running Chitika ads.

thanks for the nice information chitika is good for those who are unable to get or maintain adsense

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