CBEngine: I bought my second Clickbank-related product

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CBEngine: I bought my second Clickbank-related product

Yes, I did it again!

One week after buying CBProAds lifetime membership, this time I got CBEngine lifetime membership..

I think I'll stop here, if I buy another thing off clickbank it will be after a month or two and it will be if I find myself failing miserably at affiliate marketing.. In that case I'll look for a good training course that will motivate me to take correct actions.. But I hope by then I'll have implemented the basics already.. Since I really started at the beginning of september, I've been busy putting clickbank ads everywhere on my sites to replace adsense. And so far the results are poor, I made a few sales, but that is clearly not enough. My first goal is to earn $2,000 per month with Clickbank, so I worked it out at "about" 3 sales per day. Well now I'm not at 3 sales per week..

But let's not disgress here, it's too easy to disgress.. What I want to talk about here is why I bought CBEngine when I already have CBProAds, what's the difference?

Well, there are big differences, they're like NOT the same thing at all. Firstly I bought CBProAds because I wanted contextual clickbank widget and cbproads comes with more than this one contextual widget.. It has other widgets based on categories, not only keywords, and also it has storefronts, full catalog and niche storefronts.. And they do rewrite the title + description of clickbank products for buyer's facing text, not affiliate's facing. Also they do the effort of providing images for products.
So althought CBEngine also has a contextual widget, that's about it. No rewritting, no images, no storefront (well they have one as a php script but it's a joke, nothing to do with a storefront, more of a searchable database) and except for this contextual widget, they don't have others. But this widget can display ads either by: contextual keywords, categories or by your own selection of products you've done in cbengine and bookmarked in different folders, then it can display those products, so that's handy. But CBproads can do all the same. Anyway here is how the CBEngine widget looks with default colors, as you can see the descriptions are affiliates-facing, not cool:

I will not use this widget ever, because I hate the fact that they show their name on the widget with no way to remove it and this name links to their website without giving me any referal, who do they think they are? Adsense?
They should allow me to replace the link with a referral link, cbproads does that and it's a minimum!

I bought CBEngine because it's an improved Clickbank marketplace.. They do what Clickbank should have done.. They have better search tools for products and most of all they track the data since 2004, so they can show historical graphs about gravity and all other data. Also they are able to find trends and based on some calculations they can predict with more or less accuracy when a product is hot or about to increase sales based on previous history and other parameters.

True, I could have lived without CBEngine, but then I could have lived without CBProAds too. That's not the point. I find those lifetime memberships CHEAP for the value they provide. For me they are tools that I hope will allow me to perform a better job and lose less time reaching my first goal. $500 per week doesn't seem like much when you're used to big and lazy adsense earnings, but actually that's pretty hard.. When I'll be making 1 sale per day on average, already I think I'll have reached one stage, even if the sale is only earning me $5, that would be an achievement for me to be able to sell something everyday, not only have people click on ads.

For instance, today 12th september I login CBEngine and I see the TOP Clickbank Vendors, I give them here with the data:
Vendor / Gravity / Delta
etvcorp / 605.95 / +52.82
ustrip / 474.56 / +7.91
mobimonop2 / 386.43 / +37.14
gsniper / 344.30 / +6.47
mikegeary1 / 291.67 / -9.03
phonesrch / 287.85 / +2.73
beabadass / 268 / +9.91
forsurveys / 261.29 / +6.75

When looking for Clickbank Products you have the following search tools:
Find ClickBank Products
CB New Products
CB Best Gains
CB Insider
CB Reviews
CB Re-listed
CB Recurring
CB Removed
CB Tags
CB Categories
CB Vendors
CB Statistics
CB Payouts
CB RSS Feeds
Affiliate Tools

So that's just an improved clickbank marketplace, but seeing the current state of the clickbank marketplace, with its constantly boring logging out, it's not useless to have this tool! One problem for me is that they don't yet have the functionnality of searching by limiting to products supporting one of the other languages (french, spanish, german) so all the products are mixed together, at least on clickbank marketplace they have that functionality. I've sent a message to the owner of cbengine but after a few days I didn't get any answer. With cbproads whenever I send a message I get an answer quickly. I don't like owners who play dead. :-)

Well, I've found I don't use cbengine that much, but when I want to look into clickbank products I use it.
The problem I face is that I have been very unsuccessful so far with clickbank sales.
I'm sure if I was on my way to success I would be using cbengine more and promoting everything everywhere..

But instead I'm kind of depressed about the whole thing, it's been now 2 months that I'm at it and I have nearly nothing to show for this time in terms of results..

But I'm not giving up yet, I'll reconsider things at the end of the year and in the meantime I'm keeping on trying..

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someone introduced me to this programme but i have little understanding.do i get paid just to review or based on commission?he was saying something about a fixed salary,is that the way it is done?is it based on salary before i decide to proceed?thank you.

Hello, I suppose you are talking about best reviewer and not cbengine, but no, there's no fixed salary.
Don't bother with this site, if you don't understand how it works and why use it, then don't waste anymore time with this.
You should focus on your own sites and then if one day you understand and you feel you need such a site as best reviewer then you can come back and sign up.

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