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In last 20 years, several new countries have formed and added new line of territory in the world map. Most new nations were formed as a result of disintegration of the USSR. Find below the five newest nations. (63% complete, at least 74 words missing)
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According to journalist Bill Ward to the Star Tribune in Minneapolis, speaking with an astrologer, who said most of the signs of the zodiac, we have always known they are actually about a month. So if you were a Pisces, which can now be an Aquarius. As you can imagine, some fans of astrology are not very happy to know that you have been reading the wrong...
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Bill Gates is now the richest person in the world again. He is not even the second richest person in the world. (23% complete, at least 154 words missing)

How Much Money Does Mukesh Ambani Make?

Mukesh Ambani is the Asia’s richest person. He is Indian and the head of petrochemicals giant Reliance Industries, India’s most valuable company by market cap. His fortune is up $22.9 billion since last year, making him the world’s second-biggest gainer in terms of dollars. His current net worth is $43 billion. Too much money for one man.
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Places which are known as the coldest places in the world. (56% complete, at least 86 words missing)
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Even if you can’t afford to donate your own money to charity at this time, you can still do your part and visit these click-to-donate sites.
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There is beauty all around us, we must just take the time to effectively look around. Here is my best photos to depict this beauty. (50% complete, at least 99 words missing)
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Here are the world's largest oceans or Sea by area. The figures are approximated to nearest 500. Details of area, average depth and maximum depth are given. The numbers given are in feet. As if by design, the same order also is applicable for their depth. (50% complete, at least 99 words missing)
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What is a happy world? What is a happy country? It's a world, it's a country: - Where people live in peace and security, - Where people live free and in a democraty, and where Human Rights are respected, - Which enjoys an important quality of life, - Where research, training, information, communication and culture are shared by all. (47% complete, at least 106 words missing)
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Antoni (or Antonio) Gaudi is one of the world's greatest architects. His beautiful buildings appear throughout the city of Barcelona and are well worth a visit. Even if you can't visit in person, there are many fascinating books that discuss both Gaudi himself, and show his gorgeously artistic buildings. And what better gift for a cold Christmas than...
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