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Are you looking for something fun and different to do in Maryland? Are you growing tired of going shopping, to the movies, or to concerts? Then visit one of the many pumpkin patches! You can relax, have fun, and participate in activities you don't get to do every day. Visit farm animals, go on a hayride, find your way through a maze, and more. During...
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If you live in or near Pleasanton, California you will be interested to read about some facilities in the city or nearby. This list includes places to have a kids' party, a nearby science museum, supermarket, chiropractor and more. (49% complete, at least 101 words missing)
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There are many museums that are designed just for children in Maryland. The museums are fun, interactive, and allow children to learn through exploring. The many exhibits in these museums allow children to play with water, move around, push buttons, turn knobs, go on a nature walk, and much more! This is a fun way to encourage learning! Here are a few of the many...
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Being a Brit who has visited the USA many times and who now finds himself to be a US immigrant and living in the USA, I’ve learnt from experience that despite many similarities, there are a number of funny British and American differences, both with British and American culture, as well as British and American English.
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Pleasanton, California is part of the San Francisco East Bay. It has a population of about 60,000, yet with a very attractive downtown it has a small town feel. Every Saturday there is a Farmer's Market and on the first Wednesday in the summer months there is a "First Wednesday Street Party". (54% complete, at least 91 words missing)
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All visa interviews are intimidating by their very nature, as the course of your life could be effected by the outcome. But in the end if your preparations pay off and you manage to get through the visa interview questions for fiancé without any major problems, then you are able to start a brand new life. So here are my top 3 K1 Visa Interview Tips.
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Here are some places you can go if you live in Pleasanton, California or if you are visiting. Places to eat, stay or places within driving distance. (36% complete, at least 127 words missing)
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Pleasanton, California is full of wonderful places to eat, drink coffee, have afternoon tea. There is a really pretty Downtown with many restaurants. And Pleasanton is not far from the California coast. Here are some articles about Pleasanton. (43% complete, at least 114 words missing)
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British Expats in USA write about their experiences of living across the Atlantic in America. I have picked a variety of blogs written by different British expats living in different parts of the USA. I hope you enjoy my pick of British Expats Blogs in USA.
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With my fiance in Florida before we applied for the K1 fiance visa.
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These posts relate to my experiences of getting a K1 fiance visa, so that I could move to the USA and marry my American fiancee. They go through all the details of the forms, interviews, experiences and the overall K1 fiance visa process.
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