Fort Jesus
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Fort Jesus is located in Mombasa, Kenya on the East Coast of Africa. (41% complete, at least 117 words missing)
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I love these brightly colored weekend bags! Especially the ones with lots of pink in. Let me know in the comments section which one is your favorite All these bags are great for a couple of days away or as a carry on for plane travel.
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Now we have the ability to find our way with a choice of GPS's. There are so many to choose from, take a look at this list.
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Pleasanton, California is a diverse city. Every year they host the Good Guy's Car show, there is an organic farm called Terra Bella Family Farm. In addition there are yogurt stores, restaurants and a lot of history in the Pleasanton Hotel. Take a look at the following articles. (67% complete, at least 65 words missing)
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Are you looking for the the top 5 tourist attractions of Amsterdam? Don't look further. Here you find the Top 5 tourist attractions of Amsterdam. Because there is not one kind of tourist, maybe not all the tourist attractions are your kind of deal. But I am sure you will find a nice tourist attraction for you.
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The Gulf Islands of British Columbia in Canada are a magnificent vacation destination for just about any time of the year but particularly summer. Read on to find out the top five to visit. (71% complete, at least 58 words missing)

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Like your ride now? Wait until you see the future. Dramatic changes are on the way in automobile travel. Innovations in engine technology and lighter materials will drastically cut down on refueling needs. The Internet will make cars even more efficient and improve communications, whether it's for a Sunday drive or in a dire emergency. And don’t...
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There are details here of the annual Pooch Parade, with dogs dressed up and parading down Main Street. Also there are reviews of businesses in and around Pleasanton, California. (71% complete, at least 57 words missing)

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England is a country part of the United Kingdom, its history is fascinating and the beauty is astonishing, although small in comparison to other countries, you could easily spend months trying to discover the wonders of England; this guide will give you an idea of the best sites to consider if time is a limited factor.
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For a fun day out for the children, go to Lawrence Hall of Science. For chocolate on Main Street, go to Gourmet Works. Here are some articles about places in and around Pleasanton, California. (63% complete, at least 73 words missing)