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Make South Africa the first holiday destination with these 3 best destinations. (16% complete, at least 167 words missing)
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The Bahamas is a beautiful island in the Caribbean, surrounded by many tiny islands. The water is clear and blue and the people are friendly. Once there, you will find many things to do to pass the time, like wind surfing, tanning, visiting Atlantis at Paradise and of course experiencing the delicious island cuisine. You will find as you travel the islands,...
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My list of Kentucky’s 5 best State Parks I live in Kentucky and have visited most of the state parks. These are the ones I go to the most. There are so many things to see and do at these parks.
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Southampton is a city right in the middle of the South Coast of England, and is one of the main port cities in the UK, and it's the UK equivalent of Fort Lauderdale being the main base for cruise ships. Being on the South Coast and surrounded by some wonderful English Countryside, Southampton has some great places to visit for a day out.
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Ireland has many towns, villages and wild places where it would be worthwhile spending a weekend. These are my personal favourites. Each one offers something unique for the visitor and has excellent hotel accomodation, plenty of good restaurants and good pubs.
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