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So, what *is* new with Komodo 6?
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All about booting windows (17% complete, at least 166 words missing)
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You buy a computer and it comes with a standard keyboard. These traditional keyboards are fine, that is unless you have some special need. For instance, if you tend to work in low light, or if you often spend several hours a day typing, or maybe you have a small space that's crowded with a dozen cables. In these cases, you really need to go out shopping...
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Usefull tips (13% complete, at least 174 words missing)
Top 5 helps site visitors with computer problems. Below are some of the most recent questions asked and answered. (75% complete, at least 49 words missing)
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Virtual desktop allows you to keep more than one desktop on your windows operating system. You can use virtual desktop to sort applications, movies, background pictures etc. Take a look at these free virtual desktop managers.
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A registry cleaner tries to get rid of this unwanted data and restore your PC to full speed. The problem is that the cleaning process is less than perfect. In particular, there is always a small risk that the registry cleaner may incorrectly remove data that is actually needed. In the worst case scenario, your PC may become unusable as a result. Take...
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The Samsung Galaxy Tab is better than Apple iPad in so many ways. The only valid reason to buy an iPad would be to assume being an Apple Fanboy or a sheep whose buying habits are dictated by marketing and what other sheeps buy.
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Television technology has changed greatly in the past 10 years or so. The flat panel LCD and plasma displays hit the market and were almost instant hits with consumers. Since then, new technologies have emerged with varying degrees of success and popularity. Here are some of the newer options for shoppers.
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Cell phones are probably the most popular and ever present gadget for many millions of people across the globe. However, users still enounter frequent questions and issues that need to be addressed. Here you will find the answer to some of the most frequently asked questions regarding our beloved cell phones.
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