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Dean Ambrose stunned fans this past Sunday when he beat former Shield brothers Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns to retain the WWE championship. Not only did Ambrose cement his status as main eventer, he’s also bringing the championship home to Tuesday nights when Smackdown goes live. With Summerslam less than a month away, it’s time for a new contender...
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In a few hours, WWE will be holding the Battleground PPV. As showtime nears, there’s still plenty of questions to be answered during tonight’s PPV. One of them is, who will be Sasha Banks’ mystery partner. For the past few weeks, Banks has been feuding with Women’s champion Charlotte and Charlotte’s protégé, Dana Brooke. Looking to take...
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This Sunday, NASCAR will host its third biggest race of the year, The Brickyard 400. Any race fan will tell you that Indianapolis Motor Speedway is a monumental track in racing history. For 22 years, Nasser has visited the track every July for one of its most important races. Throughout the years, many drivers have had the honor going to Victory Lane...
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For years, there's been competition with the WWE brands Smackdown and Raw. Things have started to heat up now with the sibling rivalry between Shane and Stephanie McMahon. With last night draft, splitting Superstars between the two shows, things are about to get interesting. With three hours to fill, Raw got the privilege of having extra picks in the draft....
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Selection Sunday starts! The annual March Madness show brings together a unique form of insanity with thumping of balls, boots, hoots, hoops, dances, weird rituals that will culminate with the NCAA tournament winner. But before that there is Selection Sunday to go through!
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Nascar tracks can break down a driver. Some of the top drivers have a rough time dealing with different elements. Drivers have to deal with extreme heat and other crazy situations.
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How Much Money Does Dale Earnhardt jr. Make?

He is a professional race car driver following in his father's footsteps Dale Earnhardt Sr.
Top 5 Mississippi Boating Trips
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The Mississippi meanders its way along for just over two thousand three hundred miles; it is the third largest river in the United States and, is the setting for many of Mark Twain’s famous stories. At its widest point it is over seven miles wide and it crosses through ten different states. Of course, wherever there is water it is possible to indulge...
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How Much Money Does Nikki Bella Make?

Nikki Bella is Nicole Garcia-Colace,one of the famous Bella Twins of the WWE Female Wrestling. The WWE Diva Champion mainly operates as a team with twin Brie Bella, sometimes changing roles as her twin in WWE SmackDown. The glamorous Nikki Bella has also appeared in a music video "Right Side of the Bed" with her twin and been a favorite with the teens...

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Residents of Southern California love to spend time outdoors and nowhere is this more true than in the tiny town of Laguna Beach, California. Some of the residents there seem to spend the entire day outside! Best of all, since this portion of the state of California only gets about 13 inches of rain a year, there is no reason not to spend time outside...
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