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Science and technology is what has brought us to where we are right now, to a world of convenience, a great new world in which we are able to live a life of incredible ease. Of course this is in comparision to our ancestors! However I need not stress more about this as I am certain that you yourself appreciate all the modern devices that makes living...
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Magnetic Stirrers are used to automatically stir solutions in the lab. Magnetic stirrers are quiet and efficient compared to motorized alternatives. Colored stirrers are great when you need to quickly identify the right device on a workbench. Hotplate mixers heat while they stir. High spec magnetic mixers have features such as auto-reverse, and high... (87% complete, at least 25 words missing)
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Volumetric Flasks have a round base and a long neck for measuring specific quantities precisely. Choose from Class A or Class B depending on required precision, and round or square bases. Micro volumetric flasks are specially designed for small volumes. And choose a supplier with great prices, shipping and service. (77% complete, at least 45 words missing)
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Erlenmeyer flasks are essential for many scientists. These conical flasks avoid spills. Erlenmeyer flasks are available in various materials to make them break-resistant and to avoid cross-contamination. Each kind of Erlenmeyer flask is best for a different purpose. (54% complete, at least 91 words missing)
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These articles deal with the right-of-passage of fishing with your father or an older male; endangered birds and plants; forest fires; information on pond fish; and invasive species. The articles are called: (1) Video - Cameron Catches a Carp (2) Endangered Birds & Plants (3) Forest Fires: Manmade vs. Natural Causes (4) Information on Pond Fish (5)...
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Every year the Nobel Prizes are rewarded in in Physics, Chemistry, Literature, Peace, and Physiology or Medicine. (38% complete, at least 123 words missing)