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The 3 possible Republican candidates for President in 2012 I have highlighted in my top all say they are inclined to or at least considering the idea of running for President in 2012, they are all three conservative constitutionalists and are supported by and support the grass roots movement called the Tea Party.
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The theme of all three posts is the drawing of lines between President Obama and the GOP and how the President frustrates this effort to see him as far left. (29% complete, at least 141 words missing)
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If you have followed President Obama from the start, you know he is embarked on a huge mission, to overturn special interests in defense of the middle class and the poor, He will win if we understand and support him (35% complete, at least 129 words missing)
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Composed by stephencrose
A quatrain is four lines generally with at least two of them rhymed. I am a short form writer mainly. Get your idea in concise form. My fields include politics. (35% complete, at least 130 words missing)
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The 2010 midterm election was exciting for a midterm election. Democrat candidates and incumbents had a very hard time with the mood of the voters in this election. (71% complete, at least 58 words missing)
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Did you vote? Yesterday was Election Day and you've no one to blame but yourself if you didn't make it to the polls! (35% complete, at least 129 words missing)
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On the internet, the term "free" is a very vague and gray area. Don't be mislead by this, as any image and all content you see is visually free to look at....however all of it is copyrighted in one way or another and that includes cartoons! Cartoons you will see at Dan's online cartoon collection are definitely copyrighted but you're free to browse....
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Authored by Pcoach introduced by jwsc101
This is a conglomeration of my favorite hubs. Most of them are political addressing the many, many ways our government is terrorizing our country right now. Some are just fun, some are serious, and one is a personal experience I thought be would helpful to others using veterans' facilities. I hope you enjoy them.
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I am very passionate on the topic of illegal immigration on the southern border and the law proposed by Arizona SB1070 bill. There is nothing racial about this bill and it is not meant to be. Arizona simply wants to enforce the law already on the books since the Federal government has not seen fit to enforce immigration of any kind and we now have...
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By Pcoach introduced by jwsc101
Many of my hubs have a basic "signature sign" of mine and that is "Idiots". We deal with them every day but these hubs point out some political Idiots, and celebrities, in specific, and they are among my favorites. I hope you enjoy them. Wanna know what they're up to? I did the reading for you and took the liberty of providing my ever-so-humble opinion....
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