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Corruption is epidemic in our government today, and this is because of lobbying, and the fact that politicians need money to get elected; I'm not full of solutions here, only problem identification. I suspect that some massive change or revolution is in the future.
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Hello, these are my hubs, my writings; and they concern the modern political and economic affairs in both the United States of America; and in fact, the entire world. If you read them, you will come away with a greater understanding for why depleted uranium poisoning is occurring in far away lands, and economic tragedies occur in our own lands. It is quite...
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How Much Money Does Nancy Palosi Make?

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The speaker of the house for the United States Government. Nancy Polosi has been an influential decision maker for several years. Influental in many recent historically important decisions on the budget and health care her name will fall with the legacies of those around her who have added to the deficit of the United States So many dollars that we have...

How Much Money Does Tun Mahathir Mohammad Make?

Tun Mahathir Mohammad of the biggest names in Malaysia, and called the father of sports, but personally i would rather he was given the title as the father of development as the development of Malaysia today is based on the current administration he is also aided by the establishment of the Kuala Lumpur City Centre a result of creative ideas and the diversity...

How Much Money Does Barney Frank Make?

This man is a representative from the state of Massachusetts. Originally, Frank was born in New Jersey. Schooled at Harvard University in Cambridge Massachusetts he started out as a staff member for Mayor Kevin White of Boston. Barney Frank was elected to Congress on January 3rd 1981 and remains a legislater today. He was influentual in many high level...

How Much Money Does Benjamin Nétanyahou Make?

Benjamin Nétanyahou is the prime minister of Israel, he earns a lot but has also many taxes to pay, poor guy. He published his salary on his facebook page.

How Much Money Does Osama Bin Laden Make?

I have been successfully increasing my earnings for many years. Having trained as an engineer I have greatly diversified my activities.
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Three super sources for catching up on the achievements of our President (29% complete, at least 141 words missing)
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The President is enjoying a major upsurge in popularity following his "shellacking" (25% complete, at least 150 words missing)

How Much Money Does Lee Hsien Loong Make?

Lee Hsien Loong is Singapore's third Prime Minister, 58 years old. Lee Hsien Loong is the eldest son of the former first Prime Minister of Singapore, Lee Kuan Yew and his wife, Ho Ching is the Executive Director & Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Temasek Holdings, a state-owned enterprise (SOE Singapore). Do you know his salary ?