How Much Money Does David Cameron Make?

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Well where Do I start! “David Cameron” prime minster for the UK. Do I think he is any good! Well I think he is just as bad as all the other prime ministers we have had in the last twenty years. Yes I he is the youngest we have had ever. Ok he has some good ideas he is trying to sort out the mess all the other prime ministers in the past have left...

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The very idea that a dead woman, murdered, as being more virtuous than a woman explaining to police how she'd killed an attacker with a firearm is so very obscene that the English language, though vast, is sorely lacking in the proper adjectives adequate enough to describe such a loathsome, immoral, and fear mongering obscenity.
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How Much Money Does Pres. Noynoy Aquino Make?

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Our President has a basic salary that much; more or less, and some other benefits. But, our President has wealth to depend upon. He tried his very best to run this country properly and with vigor.
Philippines President
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Bongbong said, Philippines is Singapore now if President Marcos was not ousted. Pnoy said, Philippines is Libya if President Marcos still the President. So, who is the best Philippine President thus far. (33% complete, at least 134 words missing)

How Much Money Does President Benigno Aquino Make?

He faces a lot of problems. President Aquino deserves that salary. He works hard to clean the Philippines
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George Washington was our Nations first President and some of his lessons through quotes are taught to us today.
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As popular as Barack Obama is as President, as many people hate him, for no other President, not even Bush, has there been the subject of as many hate videos, songs or articles. Obama has been called everything from a CIA operative, to a Muslim to a citizen of Kenya, but what he really is remains to be seen.
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Trouble, President Obama is in trouble with the people the economy and his liberal activist ways are causing situations to grow worse almost as if he is dissolving on purpose.
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Corruption is epidemic in our government today, and this is because of lobbying, and the fact that politicians need money to get elected; I'm not full of solutions here, only problem identification. I suspect that some massive change or revolution is in the future.
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Hello, these are my hubs, my writings; and they concern the modern political and economic affairs in both the United States of America; and in fact, the entire world. If you read them, you will come away with a greater understanding for why depleted uranium poisoning is occurring in far away lands, and economic tragedies occur in our own lands. It is quite...
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