Pikadon stories
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If you are looking for World War 2 stories about Atomic bomb explosions such as the atomic bombing in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Here are top collection of those stories which will give you an overview of what happened to those who were there. These are the most read stories of Atomic Explosion!
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World War 2 stories
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If you are looking for top pictures of world war 2, you are on the right page. Here are the top World War 2 sites that will give you all the best pictures of world war 2 battles and weapons. Have fun!
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World War 2 stories
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By worldwar42 introduced by Alison Graham

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If you are looking for World War 2 stories and World War II tales this is the right spot. I will give you three top world war 2 stories of old time. Visit the sites and enjoy!
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China distroyers
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The tension in South China Sea or West Philippine Sea is growing rapidly China is increasing their Military spending to complete their Carrier Fleet to level with the US Navy. Other countries are preparing too such as Japan, Vietnam, Philippines, etc. China becomes a threat to her neighbors they ignore international laws and wants to take the entire...
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Wikipedia Blackout in Protest of PIPA and SOPA
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Published by wahmshelley
The SOPA Strike and PIPA Protest was groundbreaking...Over 75,000 websites protested the "Stop Online Piracy Act" aka SOPA...Wow!!!...It was shocking for many to go to Wikipedia for instance and find a self-imposed black screen of death...FYI, this Piracy Act thingy probably all started with Napster's copyright woes and it just blew up and out of proportion...
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How Much Money Does Chiranjeevi Make?

Chiranjeevi is a one of the greatest actor in India. He is no.1 actor in tollywood Industry. Though he is a regional language hero every person in India knows about him. He is one of highest paid actor in India. Populary he is known as Megastar. He established Chiranjeevi Charitable Trust that includes Blood bank and Eye banks. This is the highest collecting...
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OWS (Occupy Wall Street) is a spontaneous movement that grew extremely fast. A revolution of the 99% (of the population) against the 1% who detains the wealth and fix the rules. This massive movement against the financial market as it is today shows how much American people are fed up with the system in place. But can the people really take control?...
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How Much Money Does Rick Santorum Make?

You can just about call Rick Santorum the Million Dollar Man...Why???...Because he made $1.3 million between January 2010 and August 2011...Yeah, he's in the money... Well some people say in contrast to Ron Paul, Santorum's 16 year stint representing Pennsylvania, in Washington DC really helped him make just the right connections to boost his earnings...
Will it be a Happy New Year for Rick Santorum?
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Sent by wahmshelley
It just might be turning out to be a Happy New Year for Rick Santorum after all...The jury is still out, but they just may reach their verdict in either New Hampshire or South Carolina...Because of course, the Presidential Election process is in full swing...The Iowa Caucuses are somewhat history and the New Hampshire Primary is on the horizon...The...
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Design for Democracy: Ballot and Election Design..2012 Iowa Caucuses Controversy
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Posted by wahmshelley
Let many tell it, it all starts in Iowa...And apparently is has, the ballot counting controversy for this Presidential Election has just about kicked into full swing, watch the video below for the gory details...Residents of Iowa are historically the voters that set the tone for the Presidential nomination...Although the Iowa Caucuses have nominees...
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