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Every since November 2016 election results produced our current president, we've witnessed chaos, corruptions, scandals, one resignation after another and name calling, including continuous fighting amongst members over health care, immigration, border security, climate change and other issues facing this country. Meanwhile, media outlets have been...
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The African continent has been on the radar for being a breeding ground for long term serving dictators as leaders who clinch to power and modify constitutions to remain for as long as they can. However, with democracy expanding and persistent calls by their population for change in leadership to end corruption scandals, poor Governance, poverty, economic...
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How Much Money Does Donald John Trump Make?

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Donald John Trump is a billionaire businessman and the GOP candidate for president in the 2016 election. Trump has for decades gotten considerable attention from the media, and now his views are truly coming to light in this election campaign. He is the chairman of The Trump Organization, which is the group that controls nearly all of his assets.

How Much Money Does Larry Bitgood Make?

Larry is from a small town in Minnesota. He attended a private college and served in the military after graduation. His primary interests are politics and philosophy. He is a writer and a musician. He is elderly but still works part-time and on-call at various jobs.
Dogfights in world war 2
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If you are looking for the top dogfights in World War II, then you are on the right spot. Today I am going to give you the top dog fights in world war 2. Know the aces and their planes and know their tactics.
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Imperial Japan during World War 2 had created top battleships and these battleships were the finest during world war 2. Two became the dreaded battleships to the American Navy and the third one became an Air Craft Carrier. Know the facts and the history of these top battleships of Japan.
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World War 1 Stories
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Here are the top World War 1 Stories and Pictures worth to read and worth to watch. World War 1 is considered as the most brutal War in the World, where thousands died in just months of battle. Now check the top 5 websites that tackle world war 1 stories and actions.
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If you are looking for articles about World War I then you are on the right spot. World War I is considered as one of the top historical events that shaped the world. There are great stories that will give you good understanding about World War I, but I have on the list the top articles that I am sure can give you more information about the past war.W
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Fighter planes of world war 2
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World War 2 Fighter planes fought in every sky of Europe and Pacific and the Curtiss P-40 witnessed the war with great pride. The P-40 design was a modification of the previous Curtiss P-36 Hawk which reduced development time and enabled a rapid entry into production and operational service.
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