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The Smalltooth Sawfish is also known by another name, the wide sawfish. Scientifically, it is known as Pristis pectinata of the family Pristidae. They are mainly found in shallow tropical and subtropical parts of the Atlantic ocean, along the coastal areas, and in the past have existed in the Mediterranean Sea. They can get up to a length of 25 feet...
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Learn how you can help animals caught in an oil spill. (24% complete, at least 151 words missing)

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Where do I find butterfly caterpillars? What do they eat? How do you feed a butterfly? How do I attract butterflies to my garden? Find the answers to all your questions in these 4 articles. By-the-way, did you know that you can repair a butterfly's wing? Yes, really! Read more...
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Living in an apartment or a small place where you need a cat specifically breed to live indoors? Here are the top breeds. (72% complete, at least 55 words missing)
Garmin's Astro GPS for Dogs
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Purchasing a GPS for dogs is a great way to keep track of a pet that has a habit of escaping. It's also perfect for the pet owner who enjoys taking long hikes with their dog(s) and doesn't want to worry about him getting lost. The prices of GPS for dogs has decreased lately, while the choices have increased. However, they're certainly not all made...
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Millions of cats are kept indoors to avoid the many health risks that exist for them outdoors. However, not all cats can be kept indoors so it's important to learn more about the risks and how to reduce them. While in urban and suburban areas cars are probably the biggest threat, here are some of the other big dangers.
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Are you looking for dog obedience training and classes that really can help train your dogs in fastest and easiest ways? Searching how to get puppy obedience training on those simple sit and stay commands? Keep on reading below article to find out more detail on how to train a dog. (88% complete, at least 23 words missing)

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The lion is without doubt the most stunning of animals and these beautiful lion posters and canvas prints will decorate any room in your house. Lion photography at it's best! (31% complete, at least 137 words missing)

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These are pajamas with cats featuring an adorable ASCII cat! If you're a cat lover and also love cute pajamas then you will like these cat pajamas! The set consists of a cat tee paired with nice flannel pajama pants. You can mix and match a black or white tee with dark plaid or pink plaid pajama pants.
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Making sure you're properly restraining your pets in cars is part of responsible pet ownership. Having a dog loose in the car is unsafe not only for you, but for other passengers in the car as well as everyone else on the road. Having a dog in the front seat is not only distracting for the driver, but a front seat air bag can kill a dog. The safest...
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