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Learn how to get your cat into a good litter box habit. The right litter and litter box will help. (36% complete, at least 127 words missing)

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Do you have a cat? These are the most helpful websites for cat owners. You will find information on what to feed your cat, cat health, cat tips, cat fleas and many other helpful topics for cat owners. (80% complete, at least 39 words missing)
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Angelfish are regal aquarium inhabitants. They are popular with the average fish tank owner and serious hobbyists. With good care, they can live a long life and stand out among the other tank mates. (36% complete, at least 127 words missing)
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The life of many of the world's dolphins are threatened, and here are the top reasons why. (57% complete, at least 85 words missing)
Snookums, a black cat. He was feral but became tamed and lovable.
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Black cats need extra consideration, because often they're not adopted from shelters when other cats with exotic markings are. Black cats often languish in shelters for many months waiting for an adoptive home. If you're looking for a cat - consider adopting a black cat!
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A new born puppy will go through three distinct but overlapping development stages in the first 12 weeks of its life. Understanding what these stages are is critical when it comes to progressing towards a well behaved, well balanced and loveable dog. Many people understand that the first few weeks and months of a new puppy's life are the most important...
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Dog Behaviour, Traits and Actions
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The domestic dog is very much a distant cousin of that most feared of all predators the wolf. And even though dogs have become man's best friend there are many traits that still exist in the modern day dog which came from their wild and untrained predecessors. Some of these traits may be considered, by human perception, to be problematic, sometimes...
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Neutering and Spaying Dogs Does Not Necessarily Cause Weight Gain
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The decision on whether to have a dog neutered is quite an emotive one, especially it would seem for a guy getting his male dog castrated. But what should be taken into account is that there are many benefits for a neutered or spayed dog and few downsides. Plus they are not human and as such their reproductive desires are purely for the sake of perpetuating...
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Here are my articles written on pets. If you would like to know about dogs or cats, be ready to read these articles.
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Many Halloween costumes are available now for people. How about our pets? Since they are part of the family, let them have some fun this Halloween. (71% complete, at least 57 words missing)