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Audio Mixers & Recording Accessories. Mixers both powered and unpowered.
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Here are some really amazing drum sets for a professional or semi professional
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Wow! Have a look at these great electronic drum kits
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OK Computer, Radiohead's brilliant magnum opus has been prominant in more than a few top 100 lists for best albums. The reason? It's a beautiful, haunting ensemble that alternates between ecstasy-inducing highs and mournfull lows. Amazing instrumental work and Thom Yorkes trademark vocals alone make this album a winner. But there is something more to it. It resounds... (84% complete, at least 31 words missing)

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There isn't a more popular instrument than the guitar, and so, guitarists grab the attention and the imagination of all who follow them and their music. I play the guitar - but I'm quite an amateur, and nowhere near professional. Great guitarist are forever on my mind - so naturally, I think they should be on yours too! HA! These are some of my favorite...
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Created by biologist
Bellow, I present some songs about rain that I have found. Not all of them are about rain necessarily but rain is used as a metaphor. Surprisingly these are the only songs about rain that I listened too. Why are there so few? There should be more songs about rain. (86% complete, at least 28 words missing)

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Etta James is a classic. Her voice is like no other. It is easy to get lost in the hundreds and hundreds of songs sang by her. Bellow are some songs I recommend you listen to. (38% complete, at least 123 words missing)

How Much Money Does Amy Winehouse Make?

Amy Winehouse, the famous English singer and songwriter made 9.8 million dollars a year. Her songs were a mixture of R&B, jazz and soul. She was also known because of her continous troubles with alcohol and drugs. She won 5 Grammy awards. She died on 23rd July 2011 at age 27 because of drug overdose.
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In today's music scene populated by half-naked and not always talented pop stars, it is calming to the nerves to find someone who can play, write and sing well and without outdoing it. In USA it isn't hard to find them. Lately they have been popping out from the underground like wildflowers. (72% complete, at least 55 words missing)

How Much Money Does Lady Gaga Make?

Lady Gaga is a singer and entertainer who is known for her wild and crazy outfits.