Aerosmith Fanatic here!
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I am writing about this Top 5 Aerosmith Songs because this week, they came here in the Philippines to have a concert. They are really cool! Both Steven Tyler and Joe Perry accommodated the interview with National News Showbiz anchor Ginger Conejero. Looks like they aged by figures but never with their charm and talent. Aerosmith has been very popular...
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Written by JohnBlack
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I love to sit round a campfire singing songs. Here are some of my favorites. (24% complete, at least 151 words missing)
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This is a list of my favorite beginner trombones that you can get from Amazon for under $1000. When first starting out on the trombone you do not want to spend a fortune (think $3-5000 here) on an instrument that you might not get on with too well. I've got a nice selection of trombones that range from the $180 mark to about $1100. If you're brand new to the trombone...
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The Gibson F-5 Mandolin
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Now the mandolin is often overlooked in today's world in favor of the guitar, and this, I say, is quite a lot of nonsense. The mandolin is a far older instrument, and in fact, is a first cousin to the violin. If you can't recognize the sound of a mandolin within a few seconds, then shame on you and your family for being so ill minded of the fine arts...unless,...
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top 10 rihanna songs
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Rihanna's has really evolved from her early days of beginning and so has her music.these are my top 10 favorite Rihanna songs ever.
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The music of the Bee Gees have been part of the soundtrack of our lives for over 50 years. They are one of the top-selling bands of all time and have one of the most identifiable sounds of any group. (74% complete, at least 52 words missing)
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Created by yackers1
Music plays a big part of many people's lives. Music can help us relax, help us focus and concentrate, help us chill out after a long week at work and help us earn some additional income to name just a few things. Yep, music is fantastic. A music player or MP3 player makes an excellent gift for everyone regardless of their age, sex, nationality or any other...
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Looking for soundtrack of movies released in March 2012?If yes,then you're at right place.Here is a list of all the Original motion picture soundtrack (OST) lists of films released in March 2012.
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Jimi Hendrix Statue
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Looking for some inspiration and wisdom? Here you can find top quotes and sayings from Jimi Hendrix about peace, music and love. Share these quotes with your friends and with the inner self and discover peace and share some love. Jimi Hendrix was a really wise and talented man and you should really look into his words. Be sure to also check out the attributed... (78% complete, at least 43 words missing)
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Looking for soundtrack of movies released in February 2012?If yes,then you're at right place.Here is a list of all the Original motion picture soundtrack (OST) lists of films released in February 2012.
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