How Much Money Does Priyanka Chopra Make?

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Born in India,Priyanka Chopra is one of the best actresses in India, she is also a singer and model.Making $7400000 a year means $ 61264 a month,$ 20141 daily and $ 839 an hour.In addition to all this she has been a UNICEF goodwill ambassador since 2010.

How Much Money Does Lady Gaga Make?

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Lady Gaga is one of the most popular musicians and entertainers of today music scene . She emerged to the top with the electro pop hit Just Dance and Paparazzi .
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In the 1800s, sheet music dominated the music business. The term sheet music originally referred to musical notations written or printed on paper or parchment. It now also refers to music presented on the computer screen. The term is used to differentiate between the written form of music and the audio presentation. In the 1900s, the phonographic industry...
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Matthew Good may be one of the under-rated musicians of our time. He is a Canadian musician, formerly of the Matthew Good Band. He has been making great music since the early 90's, and hasn't slowed down yet. If you live in Canada, you surely know many of his songs from the radio and his tours. The rest of the world, unfortunately, hasn't been exposed...
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Hip-hop is a relatively young genre of music. Similarly, the internet is a relatively new communication medium. Many sites that cover hip-hop evolved from the days when magazines dominated the culture. But now with the advancement in smartphones and apps, this coverage has shifted to the digital realm. Today there a dozens of sites that promote hip-hop...
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Finding lift in rhthym
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These three timeless classics have travelled an incredible journey, within the ever-meandering rivers of South Africa's ebbs and flows. These songs have appealed to various stages and historical changes of not only the country, but also reaching the diversity of the various cultural barriers found in our 'Rainbow Nation'. I have selected these three...
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Aerosmith Fanatic here!
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I am writing about this Top 5 Aerosmith Songs because this week, they came here in the Philippines to have a concert. They are really cool! Both Steven Tyler and Joe Perry accommodated the interview with National News Showbiz anchor Ginger Conejero. Looks like they aged by figures but never with their charm and talent. Aerosmith has been very popular...
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I love to sit round a campfire singing songs. Here are some of my favorites. (24% complete, at least 151 words missing)
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This is a list of my favorite beginner trombones that you can get from Amazon for under $1000. When first starting out on the trombone you do not want to spend a fortune (think $3-5000 here) on an instrument that you might not get on with too well. I've got a nice selection of trombones that range from the $180 mark to about $1100. If you're brand new to the trombone...
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