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Sometimes we need some help to understand men a little better in relationships. It's nobody's fault we just think a little differently so some help can make all of the difference sometimes. What is it that men are really looking for in a relationship and how can we still be true to ourselves and the same time? Is there anything that is common across...
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One of the most primal, fundamental, and fascinating aspects of human interaction is physical attraction. While so many things about beauty and who we are attracted to are experienced as instantaneous and instinctual reactions, much study has been done to break down exactly what goes on. In fact, the hows and whys of human physical attraction has even...
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Of course, people are always looking for advice on their romantic relationships. It is one of the most searched about things on the internet. People from all walks of life and in different stages of their relationships seek to discover ways that they can keep their relationships feeling fresh and vibrant. There's also of course the common pitfall of the "honeymoon...
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With the increasing pace and complexity of modern life, many people like to take the time to reflect and meditate on what really motivates them, and what really fulfills them. In essence, they are trying to discover who they are amidst all of the different influences and messages that swirl around in the culture. Many methods exist that aid this process,...
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Lucid dreaming is a topic that fascinates many people. The subject was brought to popular attention largely by the efforts of Dr. Stephen LaBerge and Howard Rheingold, who wrote the book "Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming." People who explore dreams, also known as "oneironauts," seek to expand their experiences and even learn things by means of becoming...
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Consciousness leaving the body
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With a growing interest in human potential and the awakening of consciousness, more and more people are becoming interested in astral travel. Are there safe ways to project your consciousness so that you can see, learn, and experiences things that are not in the same location as your physical body? As an explorer of the metaphysical myself, I've found... (89% complete, at least 22 words missing)
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If you are having a wedding or a candy themed Bat Mitzvah, a candy buffet is one way to have a sweet dessert/ (46% complete, at least 107 words missing)
Birthday Party for any princess
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Gosh! Being a parent can be tough especially when you have multiple kids. Every year, they all expect a party from you on their birthdays and you, the wonderful giving parent, want to make them happy. Of course, you can choose to teach them the harsh realities of life and bundle them all up into one party a year - I must admit I am working towards...
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There is much talk online and much confusion about what are generally referred to as the pagan/wiccan practices. Simply put, these spiritual traditions did not grow up under the thumb of national agendas and political systems. Thus, they were often the product of smear campaigns, ridicule, and fear. In fact, the word "pagan" goes back to the Roman Empire...
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