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If you are having a wedding or a candy themed Bat Mitzvah, a candy buffet is one way to have a sweet dessert/ (46% complete, at least 107 words missing)
Birthday Party for any princess
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Gosh! Being a parent can be tough especially when you have multiple kids. Every year, they all expect a party from you on their birthdays and you, the wonderful giving parent, want to make them happy. Of course, you can choose to teach them the harsh realities of life and bundle them all up into one party a year - I must admit I am working towards...
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There is much talk online and much confusion about what are generally referred to as the pagan/wiccan practices. Simply put, these spiritual traditions did not grow up under the thumb of national agendas and political systems. Thus, they were often the product of smear campaigns, ridicule, and fear. In fact, the word "pagan" goes back to the Roman Empire...
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If you like to decorate your nail, why not use 3D Nail Art Designs. It 's really cute and adorable to look at. (52% complete, at least 96 words missing)
top 10 tattoos
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Here are the Top 10 tattoos for men & women. These tattoos are not only some of the most popular and trendy tattoos but are also some of the best designs when searching for cool tattoos for guys & sexy hot tattoos for girls. These top 10 tattoo designs ideas will help you find the perfect tattoo that you've been thinking about. Some of these... (95% complete, at least 9 words missing)
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A few short poems about summer may help you reminisce during the summertime or any time of the year about the memories that summer holds for you. (28% complete, at least 143 words missing)
Richard Dawkins - The Black Hole of Intellectualism.
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I used to be an atheist. I used to think anything else was just dumb. Boy, did I ever find out differently, and I'm literally sure that everyone that is an atheist will also find out differently.
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Find activities for a rainy day in Roseville, CA. (21% complete, at least 157 words missing)

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Fishing is something that runs in the blood of man. For millions of years humans have fished for food, sport, and commune with nature. I love fishing, and I think it is natural for most all persons to also love fishing. I also love to eat fish - specifically, I love to eat my catch. So here are my articles about fish and fishing.
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