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It's the season to start thinking about what to bake for work and family holiday parties. These recipes are 10 of the best cake recipes for the holidays. (40% complete, at least 119 words missing)
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Have you thought about your Halloween face painting designs yet? Face paint is the perfect way to make your Halloween costume more impressive. In fact, some of these Halloween face painting ideas are good enough to be a costume in themselves if you don't want to dress up this year. There are so many designs to choose from. I've listed here the 5 most...
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We all want to reduce our energy bills. It can be as easy as flicking a switch, or as complicated as installing a new heating system. Start with the simple savings that cost nothing before moving on to the ways to save a lot of energy.
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This list is taken from Amazon statistics. The three books listed here occupied the top slot in spirituality during the year 2010 until now (October 2010).
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Read about the meter reader on little better than minimum wage, who after operating in an illustrious area, was sent to do the same in a nearby run down council estate the following week. On the second day he visited a certain home in a mainly ethnic populated section, to be met by ardent celebrations of the daughters long arranged engagement to a close...
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