Our 'Little Village' farm roads can really put a vehicle through the tests.
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Living on the far northern border of a tiny village along the National N2 Highway in South Africa, I do not really get to see much traffic, maybe three cars might drive past our house in a day at they travel a rather desolate gravel road. So there is definitely no chance of seeing the latest vehicles being released. Therefore, as a motor enthusiast...
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Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen
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I often wake to feeling great and do bit of yoga. Normally thereafter I will have a quick chat with a friend online, and then become apprehensive with feelings of, 'am I wasting time'. Time in itself is actually so irrelevant, if we consider that the only time is right now, in this moment, as it is this moment that really counts, merely because we are immortal,...
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Habit CHange Ideas
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Habit change can be a tough thing to swing. The Habits we have can be built in and ingrained. Not easy things to shake loose. While habit change can be hard, it is certainly possible. Here are a list of some articles with some ideas for great habit change and ways to go about getting it done. If you want to change your habits, here are a few ideas...
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Find Good Habits
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You are your habits. On average over 40% of the activities that people undertake during the course of a normal day come from habits. Both good and bad. From brushing your teeth when you wake up to the morning coffee to the smoke break cigarette, our day is full of our habits, both good and bad. Due to this fact it makes good sense to highlight our good...
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How Much Money Does Suzanne Collins Make?

Suzanne Collins made it to the World's top earning lists of Forbes with the success of her Hunger Games series of books, her royalties, the movies based on her books and her overall popularity. Suzanne Collins books have sold millions of copies and she is one of the most popular authors on Kindle. Other than the Hunger Games series, she is also the author...

How Much Money Does Marissa Mayer Make?

Marissa Mayer is creating all waves for all reasons. Why are people so interested? Well for one - she became a top woman CEO - broke the glass ceiling so to say - at one of the top internet companies, an entirely male dominated domain. She was moreover pregnant when she was named CEO. Is she being judged by an entirely different rules because she is a high...
time and space defined
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Time is the least understood and most valuable things in life. One needs to know how to proportion it and then utilize it. The best way to do so, is to make a list of the way you contribute to being on time. When you realize the value of time, and the people around you realize it, you gain respect and save more time. To understand it one should start...
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temporary tattoos
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I am an individual whom has many different interests and hobbies. I am especially interested in art and I love Body Art (Tattoos), even though I love to see Tattoos on others I am not really keen in getting a real tattoo inked to my skin forever.
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Valentine's Day is quickly approaching and if you're a guy you should be thinking about it now and these 4 Valentine's Day articles will help you. It is important for guys to realize that Valentine's Day is a very special day in women's hearts. If you are in a relationship, you should keep this in mind because even though it might not be important...
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How Much Money Does Thumbelina Make?

Thumbelina is the tiny little maiden who was so concerned about being such a little person. She managed her way through being wooed by some lonesome toads before finding her own true love when she met a sweet talking and friendly flower-fairy prince who happened to be just the right size for her. Once Thumbelina stopped fretting about not being a bit bigger...