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Have you ever heard of the saying 'Laughter is the best medicine'? Indeed, it is a 'comic' relief. Humor relieves tension and brings a smile that wipes away your tears. Moreover, through humor, you get to appreciate the best things in life. Nobody said life is easy. So when you are having difficulty, just sit back for a while and laugh it out! Check...
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Three articles poking fun at the stereotypes of men which are, humorously, based on some truth. In these articles you'll read about men and hygiene, men and eating habits, and the behavioral quirks of men. (77% complete, at least 46 words missing)

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Check out this sites if you want to laugh. Even most dark days can become great and happy. On these sites you'll find a lot of funny videos and quotes. (79% complete, at least 42 words missing)
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Everyone knows that cats are out to get us, while being simultaneously adorable, maniacal, fluff-brained, innocent, conniving and intelligent. The following books are the best guides to surviving your pets and identifying what they are really up to.
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How Much Money Does Lucas "Fred" Cruikshank Make?

Lucas Cruikshank or Fred is a popular youtuber. He has more than 2 million subscribers to his youtube channel! The 17 year old has a movie called Fred: The Movie by Nickolodeon. Lucas behaves like a 6 year old dysfunctional kid in his Fred channel.
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Edward Monkton, perhaps better known as the U.K.'s top-selling living poet Giles Andreae, is known for his strangely obvious, yet hilarious greeting cards, each featuring a stick figure or brightly coloured cartoon and an Uplifiting Message so ridiculous that it sends everyone who reads it into fits of giggles. But he has also published several books!...
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Robot Unicorn Attack is an addictive, beautiful, terrifying game that encourages you to follow your heart and chase your dreams - and condemns you to the harsh reality of failure, no matter how far and fast you run. So what better gift for your geeky dreamer than a Robot Unicorn t-shirt?
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Face dance? it may not be that much of familiar with you. Yes so was with me until I watched the following awesome face dance video in best fun video site. (95% complete, at least 9 words missing)