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How Much Money Does Mohamed Mada Make?

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Studying the accounting in egypt. From the Cairo University Cairo. He is born in 1986. Great man having many friends. Hardworking man.
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Here are three cartoons of mine that I hope will give you a chuckle! (26% complete, at least 148 words missing)
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Here is a compilation of the best pranks videos I found in a web site and one of these videos has a top 5 mom's pranks... Enjoy it ;) (51% complete, at least 97 words missing)
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Facebook statuses often are a snapshot into how you are feeling on a particular day - why not try and feel less blue by posting a funny Facebook Status. The Facebook Statuses below are my own personal favorites, feel free to comment and leave yours.
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Published by R.S Mallari introduced by TinaAtHome
How would you say to your significant other that you don't want anything to do with him/her anymore in a manner that you won't offend him/her? A little bit of lies and sweet talk works sometimes but definitely not most of the time so better think of your own lines or you can use these lines at your own risk.
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Cats that Kill
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Published by Fren
As everyone knows, cats are mysterious and evil creatures. There is a little known cat conspiracy - to kill all humans and to take over the world ! Fortunately, help is here at hand. This list of suspicious feline behaviour patterns will help you to suss out just how close your pussy is to murdering you. If your cat exhibits 5 of these traits, stay...
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Creator: Fren
Beer - the perfect end to a long day. But no one would ever dream of eating their "Happy Hour" bags of potato chips or peanuts with a pint of mint water ! Beer ! Beer is what we like to drink after work, after watching a game of football, with friends, in pubs, at home. This is the beverage that brings people together and that any self-respecting,...
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Let s smile withe us (18% complete, at least 164 words missing)
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It’s fun to share an amusing poem with your boyfriend on his birthday. These poems are funny and short therefore making it fast and easy to send via text message or email to your special guy. Just selecting at least one poem to send to your boyfriend for his birthday will help to put a little joy and laughter in his day. (80% complete, at least 39 words missing)

How Much Money Does The Annoying Orange Make?

Even an orange can be rich! By spitting seeds and annoying all kind of fruits, The Annoying Orange tops all fruit in terms of salary. Can you defeat an Orange? He's rich.