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Its Christmas time again! What are the best Christmas gifts for men? Men, like children, love to open a nice new present on Christmas. We men work hard all year and what to have some fun too! Lets explore the best Christmas gifts for men.
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Ken McVay
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Funny thing, Humor, We all love it. It cures the Blues, helps us cope, and just makes life better. These pages represent the humor that make me laugh. I hope they make you laugh, too.
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There are many marriage jokes, but here are the best ones
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There are so many of these out there, so here are the Best Of... (63% complete, at least 73 words missing)
babies and dogs, halloween outfits for babies, halloween outfits for dogs
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Ever thought that your kid and your dog have many similar behaviors? Maybe not. Maybe I'm weird, but ever since bringing home my little girl, I can't help drawing similarities between her and our Labrador... (81% complete, at least 38 words missing)

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These are the five latest cartoons on the GPD Webcomic. Enjoy. (19% complete, at least 161 words missing)
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Do you like Planking? This is the new craze now a days, kids love it and they look great and funny on what they're doing! It's simply just for photography and fun. Though there were recorded incidents that Planking is dangerous when being done on dangerous areas. But, hey this not owling, it's Planking and it is fun. So here are great images of Planking... (83% complete, at least 34 words missing)
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Writer: Cyrus Yeo
You are interested in finding more about yourself in a fun way? These 5 tests are part of the funniest psychology tests you can find online. Test yourself by trying them.
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I love Quotes, and have collected many throughout my years. whether someone has written a funny message on my birthday cards, or sent me a friendship cards. My husband is an old romantic and loves to write a little Love quote on my cards. So whether you are looking for Love Quotes, friendship quotes, brokenhearted quotes, friendship quotes, find a huge... (82% complete, at least 36 words missing)
challenge accepted meme
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Check out top 5 funny and cool internet memes and go to the provided links to learn more about each meme and see all the cool and funny comics related to these cool and funny internet memes. Have a fun time with top web comics!
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