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Are you looking for landscaping designs and ideas? This is some litle tips how to build lanscaping at your home. (99% complete, at least 2 words missing)
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Writer: flounderingsahm. Referrer: Alliax
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Fall decorating is on everyone's mind. Summer is over, kids are in school, and Halloween is quickly coming upon us. The good thing is that decorating for the fall lasts longer than a few weeks. You can run some of the decorations into your Thanksgiving decorating. Here are a few ideas you can incorporate into your fall decorating. (85% complete, at least 29 words missing)
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Created by Susan52 whose referrer is Joan Adams

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Whoops! Is Halloween here already? If you don't have a costume yet, we can help. Here are our top suggestions for easy, last-minute Halloween costumes that you can assemble yourself.
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Written by flynnthecat introduced by lou16
Funkins are synthetic pumpkins that are carefully crafted and painted by hand to look just like real pumpkins.They can be carved and lit to look like spooky works of art just like pumpkins. They are made hollow so there is no scooping of seeds necessary and they never ever rot, so carvings last forever! The walls of a Funkin are generally about one half...
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Writer: mulberry whose referrer is poddys
When you live in a small space your needs aren't always different. You just have to figure out how to squeeze everything in. Laundry supplies and equipment are no different. Here are a few products that can help make sure you have what you need without eating up valuable floor space.
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Published by mulberry whose referrer is poddys
Millions of homes are broken into each year. Break-ins can result in theft of valuable items, harm to occupants of the home, and a sense of vulnerability for a very long time to come. Preventing break-ins should be a top priority for home owners. Of course the process of protecting your home can vary from affordable to expensive. Here are some of the top devices...
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Author: bujju introduced by Teresa Schultz
Do it yourself (or DIY) is a term used to describe building, modifying, or repairing of something without the aid of experts or professionals.n recent years, the term DIY has taken on a broader meaning that covers a wide range of skill sets. (28% complete, at least 142 words missing)
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Created by TinaAtHome referred by ryankett
We all want to get organized and here are many suggestions of ways that you can. You can organize your garage, your closet or any part of your home. These articles should help give you ideas of how you can get more organized. (60% complete, at least 79 words missing)
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Written by Stargazer00 introduced by Joan Adams
Do you have a tin of sewing buttons stashed away somewhere? Maybe it belonged to your Mom or Grandmother. It is fun to sort through an old collection of buttons. I've made a collection of Christmas Cards featuring buttons, available exclusively from The Button Lady. This is my way of sharing my button collection with you!
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Poinsettias are Mexican wild flowers grown for their vivid red, pink, white and multicolored floral bracts that are at the height of their beauty during the Christmas season. Although their brilliant leaf like bracts are the best feature of the poinsettias and are called flowers, they are not true flowers, the real blossoms, tiny and rarely noticed,... (61% complete, at least 77 words missing)