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Shower curtains provide you with an effortless way to add to the design of your bathroom. It can simply add a whole different look to your bathroom decor and design with a quick switch away from your old shower curtain which, most likely, has seen better days. Whatever look, design, or color you're looking for, there's no doubt that you'll be sure to find...
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wall hanging christmas tree
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For those of us who celebrate Christmas, it doesn't feel like Christmas without a Christmas tree. Whether you have limited space in your home for a real or artificial full-size Christmas tree or want some extra decorations to put around your home, a wall hanging Christmas tree is a great choice. There's no need to settle for not having a tree due to lack...
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porcelain tiles on floor of spa room
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Porcelain tiles have come a long way since they first starting appearing in our stores when they were still out of the reach of most people in terms of cost. Now they are much more affordable, which is great for those of us who want beautiful, hard-wearing floors and walls in our kitchens and bathrooms. But what is even better is that porcelain tiles...
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Typical self storage facility
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Self-storage is one of those things we love to hate but it's something we all need at some point in our lives. I even know plenty of people who have a permanent self-storage unit that they use as an extension of their home storage space, especially if they don't have a garage or a loft. But mostly we use it when we are moving house, re-locating, down-sizing...
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Window Treatments For Small Windows
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I'm sure most of us have been there at one time or another looking for window treatments for small windows in our homes. Earlier this year, we had to replace some window blinds because the string wore out and the blinds themselves were sagging in the middle and no longer fully closing. We found plenty of window treatments that went along well with the design...
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If you are ready to do a little redecorating in your bathroom, one thing you might consider doing is installing a recessed toilet paper holder. Instead of screwing an ugly little toilet paper roller to the wall near the toilet, you can improve the appearance of your bathroom with a recessed toilet paper holder. As any interior decorator will tell you,...
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Enjoy the warmth and radiance of a vent-less fireplace. Vent-less fireplaces come in fire pit and ceiling suspended styles. You can find them in double-sided for open-plan spaces, sleek designs, basic and hook in the wall styles. They provide an attractive accent in your home as a well as an inviting, comfortable, sensual experience. The use of a vent-less...
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A decorative bench in a simple design or with ornate details is a contemporary accent in a modern room. Bench options include size, arm rest styles, shape and functional storage. A stylish bench in a coordinating color and beautiful fabric is a special feature in an entryway. Retro, antique and modern benches made of quality construction add sophistication,...
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Do you want your new sofa to be the focal point of your space? Choose a sofa style that has the right texture and personality for a modern room setting. You can update or change a sofa with beautiful accent pillows or a throw blanket. Also consider the flexibility of elegant slip covers. Invest in sofa furniture as the starting point in a room that...
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