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I have collected the top four of my favorite Diabetic Cookbooks that are available to download from iTunes. The Diabetic Cookbooks that are listed on this top 4 review are available for you to download with iBooks on your Mac or iOS device, and with iTunes on your computer. These Diabetic Cook Books can also be read with iBooks on your Mac or iOS device....
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The Top 25 Health Insurance Companies The largest U.S. health insurers collected some $650 billion in premiums in 2009, the latest year for which data were available in early 2011. The top 25, ranked below by market share, accounted for nearly two-thirds of the total. Data were provided by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, whose members...
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What you don't know about fitness
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Most people know something or other about fitness and dieting. Even when you don't know HOW much you might actually know. But there may be aspects of fitness and diet that you have not thought about. This ariticle shows you 10 pieces of information that might just help you create your very own fitness or diet habit that will actually stand the test...
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How Much Money Does Dentist Make?

How much would you give for those perfect teeth? A lot it seems. In a recent feature on top salary earners for 2013, US News has put dentists at the top of the list of it 100 Best Jobs. Oral health care will continue to be at the top of priorities for family health as long as we consume processed food, junk food with all kind of artificial sweeteners....

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The weight loss industry is huge (no pun intended) and weight loss tips are everywhere. From your grandma to your boss or even your children, everyone has advice to lose weight. With that said, it's hard to find any good or meaningful pieces of advice these days. But that's ok, I went ahead and did the research for you and gathered 5 of my favorite...
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Stress is internal, whіch explains why it can wreak havoc оn уоur health. Іt feels's the sense that yоu'rе not in contгоl. The еаsiеѕt way to mitigate іtѕ еffect is to tаke chaгgе of the onе and оnly thіng уou...
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Breast milk is the first food for babies, naturally produced my mothers after giving birth. Many nursing moms however do not have enough to supply the needs of their little one because of various factors including, but not limited to: 1. Work 2. Insufficient Rest and fatigue 3. Dehydration 4. Reduction of regular feedings due to painful nipples 5. Not being...
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In this list I will introduce 4 super foods that I got the chance to try and which had positive effect on my health and on weight loss. I am listing them here from the most effective to the less effective. Goji Berry Acai Berry African Mango Green Coffee Bean The less effective is still working wonders. If you are serious about losing weight, firs don't...
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This Yuletide season, or if there are events that call for festivities and sumptuous food, you can’t help but join in the celebration. You indulge yourself with good food and don’t care if they are unhealthy or not. Oily food items come and go at the dining table, and the temptation to indulge yourself in these dishes is high. But the good news...
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For Younger Looking Skin
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Your skin is the largest organ of your body...With that being said it needs the same tender loving care as other organs, such as your heart, lungs or liver...Take extra special care of your aging skin with proper cleaning, diet, exercise and more...Read below to find out what full body health program, WAHM Shelley recommends...Your skin and your whole...
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