LEGO Monster Fighters Sets
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The LEGO Monster Fighters sets are the newest building sets from LEGO. They pit classic monsters against somewhat classic heroes in a battle to keep the earth from being tossed into eternal night. These are the monsters we grew up loving and fearing. Some have different names, but you will be able to recognize who they were based on. Each set has a story...
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The Transformers Toys that have a lot of characters have been circulating for a long time, to create formations of characters to be like in a battlefield between robot villains called Decepticons and the robot heroes called Autobots, the defenders of truth are not too complicated. Formation can very flexible, children aged 3 years and up as recommended...
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how to have a successful yard sale
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When spring arrives and you get into the cleaning mood, very often we opt for a garage sale (or yard sale) to get rid of our clutter and make a little bit of money. There is no denying that having a garage sale is not rocket science, however there are a few key points which will help you turn your ok sale into a wonderful sale. Knowing these 10 tips...
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