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InfoBarrel is a site where you submit your articlles and make money mainly from Adsense. There is no financial cost, but before you invest your precious time you want to read as many independent reviews as possible. The site has a clear and open writer remuneration policy, which is highly unusual and commendable. This Infobarrel review is independent...
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Many moons ago, people saved money; but not so much anymore. I'm a baby boomer and my parents have always practiced frugal living. Money is tighter now for them, but they own their home, have some savings and never carry credit card debt. If they want something, they normally save up for it and purchase it with cash. Saving money and living frugally...
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If you love the Hilton family of hotels or if you're a points junkie looking to maximize your Hilton HHonors points, these top three Hilton HHonors-linked credit cards are for you. Earn Hilton HHonors points with every dollar you spend, with bonus points earned for spending at Hilton family hotels, supermarkets, gas stations and more. (87% complete, at least 25 words missing)
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Investing can be daunting, this top list provides links to some great investment guides for the Novice Investor. Whether you want to invest in gold, forex, shares or futures, these sites provide a great source of information. (36% complete, at least 128 words missing)
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Congratulations! You have landed your first job. Now make sure your don't blow it. Here are 5 ways you can get yourself off to a great start!
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