How Much Money Does Rumpelstiltskin Make?

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Rumpelstiltskin as many of us know is the guy who went around conning incognito Princesses out of their new born babes. He has a talent of trickery and turning straw or hay into gold.
Bell Witch
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Looking for a scary movie for Halloween? Need a little fright for a sleepover, movie night or other occasion? You have come to the right place for seven spooky scares. There are a lot of horror movies out on the market because they are typically cheaper to make then other films, but some are better than others because of a strong story line, moral...
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Clint Eastwood stars in his first movie in four years in TROUBLE WITH THE CURVE. It was thought that GRAN TORINO would have been his last outing in front of the lens, but he was convinced to give it more shot. As in GRAN TORINO, his age fits his character perfectly! He plays an aging baseball scout named Gus who's failing eyesight may ruin his career....
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How Much Money Does J. J. Abrams Make?

J.J. Abrams is a Producer and Screenwriter for Television and movies. His television shows include Heroes, Lost, Fringe, and recently Revolution. He directed and produced the Newest Star Trek film(With another one coming I believe.) and Super 8, along with Steven Speilsburg. For this he is worth 36,000,000 million a year.

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This purpose with this list, is to find and highlight the 3 most exciting televesion shows. Drop a comment if you think I have missed out on some, or if you thinked I picked right. It is my wish, that you would share this list to anybody looking for a decent television show, as I have picked the very best from feedbacks, experience and ratings. :-)
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Looking for something to do or are you a parent that's looking to get your little ones outside more? This article I've written lays out a good review of the top ant farms, each one with its strengths and weaknesses to cater to your particular needs. (89% complete, at least 22 words missing)
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I love reading, I always have. I'll read anything from books and magazines, to the backs of cereal packets and the nutritional guidelines of a chocolate bar. I don't know why I have to read some things, but the desire to read fiction is an easy one to explain. I love how it lets me escape from the world for a moment and become part of the action in a way film...
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Twilight cast photo by nicolas genin
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The Twilight Saga movies have been blockbusters that set box office records around the world. Based on the best-selling novels by Mormon author Stephenie Meyer, the Twilight films have become a pop culture phenomena, inspiring everything from clothing to dolls, jewelry to makeup. The Twilight movies: "Twilight," "New Moon," "Eclipse," and "Breaking...
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Drama Gods have been extremely nice to Korean Drama lovers as there were many pleasant surprises and great dramas coming into the small screen in the first half of 2012. As a Korean Drama lover, I found it incredibly fascinating that these dramas cater to different type of viewers. And I love exploring and watching dramas which stepped out of the K-Drama...
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Video games are getting better and better, and so are the headsets that you need when you play a game. Here are some wireless surround sound headsets for the professional PC gamer, or the person who wants to be
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