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Cocktails are pretty special so if you're trying to impress someone a romantic cocktail will work really well. Whether you've just started dating, it's their birthday, your anniversary or Valentine's Day a romantic cocktail really helps to set the stage for a special evening. There are so many delicious and romantic cocktail to choose from, where...
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Here is a top list of Katy Perry websites! Find Katy Perry lyrics, Katy Perry costumes, Katy Perry fan pages, Katy Perry clothes, and much more Katy Perry things :)
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Lady Gaga seemed to literally explode onto the music scene in early 2008 and she's been making a mark ever since. From writing her own catchy songs to dancing and wearing costumes that rival Cher Lady Gaga is certainly a pop force to be reckoned with. If you want to find out more about Lady Gaga then check out the best Lady Gaga sites around.
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Everyone loves a good war movie, especially if it's based on a real event or if there are great special effects. This is a list of my personal favourite Top 5 World War II movies.
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Beer has been the choice of British drinkers for centuries. In England you can find hundreds of different beers, ranging from very light German Pilseners to Rich, black Irish Guinness, with hundreds of local English Bitters as well of course.
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Looking for a camcorder? Check out these great reviews: (10% complete, at least 180 words missing)
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With his ability to play a number of roles in a unique and hilariously funny way, Adam Sandler has starred in a number of great comedy movies in the last few years. I love the way that he often plays a calm character but then has the most amazing outbursts when he is driven to breaking point. There are classic examples of this in Happy Gilmore as well...
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Michael Jackson was known as the King of Pop. Here are his top solo albums ranked in order of global album sales. They contain some of the best song ever written and you don't need to be a Michael Jackson fan to appreciate his music.
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