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We all know that in front of the cameras our favorite actors will beat the bad guys and save the day. We don't usually expect them to be even MORE badass when they're just being themselves. That's why these 10 very public figures are worthy of note for more than just how many blockbusters they have under their collective belts.
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Top 10 Philip Seymour Hoffman Movies
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Creator: wahmshelley
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Now is a great time to binge watch on Philip Seymour Hoffman movies...This top 10 list of movies include award winning performances of the late great Philip Seymour Hoffman...He earned his one and only Oscar in the biographical depiction of the best-selling author Truman Capote...But my personal favorite character, Rusty, is in the movie Flawless (1999)...Don't...
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LetMeWatchThis The Hunger Games Jennifer Lawrence
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These are the Top Three LetMeWatchThis Jennifer Lawrence Movies that you can totally and legally watch FREE tonight!!!... You would have to living under a rock to not have heard of the Kentucky native, Jennifer Lawrence or The Hunger Games...Ms. Lawrence stars as heroine Katniss Everdeen in this not so classic tale of how only the strong survive...The...
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Be sure to check out Humble Bundle, where everybody becomes a winner in gaming!
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Hello again, and thanks for reading! As Christmas is around the corner, and I have a 12 year old to think of, I have been surfing for ideas that will work together with the technology I have at my disposal. There are so many new gadgets to consider out there, most of which are costing an arm and a leg, but then there are places such as Humble Bundle,...
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Best Avengers DVD's Review
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It was over 50 years since the Avengers was initially conceived as a comic book. It has been over 10 years since the first official "Avenger" movie (Iron Man) wowed audiences. Because of all this people cannot wait to get their own Avengers DVD and Bluray. All of the Avengers movies are popular and fun enjoyment for the entire family.
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Nothing is ever dull in the world of Hip Hop Music. Here are some recent headlines that stand out from the rest.
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Author: TurtleDog
Bubblews is a cool site to post quick reviews, ideas, opinions and just about anything else you can dream of. I've used Bubblews to write on just about all of those topics and then some. I initially started writing mini reviews on films and linked them to my move review site Best Movie Reviews By TurtleDog. In the meantime I've done dozens of other...
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How Much Money Does Roma Downey Make?

Roma Downey is the Irish born actress best known for her role as an angel on earth in the hit TV show "Touched by an Angel." The showed aired in the United States for 212 episodes between 1994-2003. Downey received Emmy, Golden Globe, and TV Guide Award nominations for her performance in the show. She won the TV Guide award for favorite actress in a drama...
New Animated Movies
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Writer: wahmshelley
Here you will find the trailers for the 10 most totally epic anticipated animated movies that are new for 2013...Being a mom to eight plus kids and a lover of THE Pixar animated film that kicked it up a notch, "Toy Story", I can guarantee you that I know a great animated movie when I see one... Speaking of great, "Finding Nemo" which is also from Pixar...
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Wolverine Movie Action Photo from Wolverine Movie 2013
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2012 was the year of the comic book movie. Comic book movies really began to hit their stride with both the final dark Knight movie and the long anticipated Avengers movie hitting the screen, and both of them being amongst the very best movies of the entire 2012 season.. Many people have forgotten that the rebirth of the, "good" comic book movie did not begin...
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