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Flash photography can be daunting to new photographers, however it really isn't that bad. Provided you understand the basic concept, i.e. that you are effectively taking two exposures in one, you will be fine. This top is a list of pages that contains advice, tips and flash related product reviews for total beginners to flash photography and those wanting...
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Upgrading from a point and shoot camera to a digital SLR can be a daunting experience. All major digital SLR manufacturers produce an entry level digital SLR that is ideal for beginners to learn their cratf. Check out these reviews of the best ones. (93% complete, at least 13 words missing)

How Much Money Does Damien hirst Make?

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Damien hirst is world famous british painter and artist.He is known for his "Death" themed paintings which were often sold in million dollars in auctions. He himself is an art collector.He bought back his own painting,when he found that he loved that painting very much. He is listed by many reputed magazines like Forbes as one of the richest artist...
Boris Vallejo & Julie Bell's Fantasy Calendar (Wall Calendar)
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Fantasy artists draw some of the most amazing calendar illustrations - and some of the sexiest women.Get ready to decorate your wall in 2012 with this selection of amazing fantasy art! Image credit: Boris Vallejo & Julie Bell's Fantasy Calendar (Wall Calendar)
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2012 Spirit of Flight Engagement Calendar (Weekly Planner) by Josephine Wall
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Plan ahead and buy a beautiful fairy calendar for 2012 before the end of the year creeps up on you! These enchanting fey calendars feature some incredibly magical illustrations from reknown fantasy artists. Image: 2012 Spirit of Flight Compact Engagement Calendar (Weekly Planner)
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Below are 5 inspirational poems that can motivate and make you appreciate life. Life is so precious and so short just to spend it soaking and being bitter. Life is what we make it so make it fun and fulfilling. (99% complete, at least 1 words missing)
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Magic tricks the pros use can be learned by anyone here is some great places to get started on your search to become the next great magician. (43% complete, at least 113 words missing)
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If you are looking for Collage ideas or instructions on how to make a Visual Journal then this is the place for you (39% complete, at least 121 words missing)
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Children love to do arts and crafts. It gives them the chance to use their imagination and create something new. This is also a great way to occupy children without sticking them in front of the television set for hours. There are plenty of crafts for kids to consider planning out for your little one. This can range from making paper flowers to designing...
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If you are looking for a summer activity to do with your kids this year? Here are some of the top coloring pages that you can print off for free! (56% complete, at least 88 words missing)